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Why do people always say or shout "Let's Go" when they get a kill or win? Like, where are you going?
- 8-BrIT -

That lifeline and that gibby almost had me dead! 😂
- Bounce Roads -

This man is doing trickshots in Apex but can't activate windows. 0:30
- The Derp -

what is that out-tro music
- Z Yong -

that last clip was one of the best things ive ever seen lool
- NuckingFuts -

If you’re stuck from a death box, try dropping all your stuff and then looting the box completely empty so it disappears.

I’m not sure if this works when the team is still alive because the death box needs to exist for their team to grab the banner.
- im berry blu -

Last one was really fucking funny
- Thijs -

- 春のパーカー -

the outro song pls ?:<?
- Huỳnh Trần Duy Tấn -

6:50 noob ?
7:14 holy fuck dude
- Larie Meo -

- Primus -

- Daily Vods -

Me encantan las intros
- Ale.G -

Lol the same happened to me when the guy got stuck under the loot box. The way to get out of it is to drop everything you have, pick everything up from the loot box, and make sure the teammate of the guy are dead. That way his box disappears, and you can just pick your stuff back up.
- Strikeforce 837 -

I think people forgot what a 360 no scope is...
- KingMagNus - Rocket League & More -

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2:50 is so good fuck u hacker lanjiao hahah
- Kevin Chong -

5:36 LOLOL kid is literally aimbotting literally nodding then pressing his aimkey LOL flicked to the guy through the wall 3 times when doing it the fucking bitch boi then 100%s him does not miss
- Ratinglulz Gaming -

1:09 He dont got the 20 hahaha nice Lifeline 😁😂😂🤣🤣
- TTV apexerror88 -