This is fantastic!!!
- Emily Anne -

Amazing! Thank you very much! This help me a lot! 🙏
- David Cannales -

all the other videos ive seen say the best spring tension for swivel technique is having it loose.You are saying it should be tight.This is just in your opinion?
- steve steve -

If you're gonna use a really tight head then get a Sledge Pad. They work wonders! No stupid pillows or blankets.
- Joseph Scarpino -

I have been playing for many years but just decided to start playing with a double pedal. Your videos are inspirational and your explanations answer all of my questions. No need to look further. Very happy I found you. Incredible playing and videos. Thanks!
- Lon Kirschner -

I clicked on like because of the cat. ❤️
- jm sanchez -

i've play air drumming so many years cos i cannot buy pedal but last 6 months i buy iron cobra 600 than i tried tight spring tension but its hard to press down my legs are so tired how can fix that problem please give me some advice thank you .
- Char Tape -

Good job, man!
- Luis Reis -

- Lasith Welgama -

Hocam merhabalar bende yumuşak yay var yumuşak pedallada 200 üstü metronomla 16 lık çalabilcek hale gelebilirmiyim deathcore çalabilmek için uğraşıyorum
- Alibaran Kırbaş -

Olá! Não falo sua língua mas compreendo bem as aulas, e gosto muito delas! Mas, é possível vc disponibilizar partituras com os exercícios?
- Christyan Jhonn -

I've adjusted my spring tension many times over the years and watched many videos about how tight they should be, but I have trouble figuring out how what people in videos say when they say "tight". If I want to play stupid fast double bass do I need to crank the springs all the way tight, as far as they will go?
- JLocke573 -

- Ricco Takukensha -

teşekkür ediyoruz.
- Çaldıran Müzik -

What height are your footboards if you don’t mind me asking?
- CrystalLake84 -

Yes. I have been looking forwadt to that video, again very insightful.
You adressed some interesting points, especially with the beater angle, as I was under the impression, that most extreme metal drummers have angles close to 80 degrees.
- Virtuelles Brot -

Finally ERCE! 🤘🤘🤘

- I Hate Dill -

Iron cobra twin pedal kullanıyorum çalarken pedaldan klik sesi alıyorum beni rahatsız ediyor neden oluyor bunu nasıl düzeltebilirim yardımcı olur musunuz ?
- Göktürk Altıntaş -

Finally.... The video I've been waiting for
- Dexter -