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- Flora Cancelliere -

Still listening till dis day
- Leonardo Watch -

I feel like the mad scientist listening to one of her Beautiful Creations!! You have definitely twisted my mind! I'm very proud of you guys Get your fuckin hands off me , please you melted right in my hands!!!
- shannon vanduyn -

Still listening
- wulan imanine -

This is such a well orchestrated song .
- Joseph Foster -

Wow 2020 🤘
- Yoga Rozzaag -

- ZzJXXz lolZZz -

This song to me is A7Xs equivalent to "One". Might just be the best, all around tune they're ever written, and that's saying something.
- Drew Kabala -

como roquean esos esqueletos
- María Gabriela Piña Cardona -

I've been working on a company for the last 2 years, and my condition rn is just as this song portrays, dang it childhood memories.
- TheShinblast -

- Alfredo -

i miss my paren*s they both already dead
Now the only one is left is me and my sis
- J. Hyoq Qiu -

If you vote for Sanders
- sinned1968 -

Favorit song 😍😍
- Yoga Subakti -

- Erik César -

Good .love you🤗😚
- Neylla Meysa -

imagine hell is actually just us headbanging while listening to a7x

that not that bad...i have issues
- SabreTHG // Tooth Tiger -

5:54-6:02 Why the skeletons banging their heads they dont have hair 😂😂
- Vildex 24 -

The song actually remind us what will happen after bury
- Azim Fahmi -

Llegué aquí por el vídeo de los gatos de FB xd , min 4:55
- Cristhian Victoria -