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I'm the lead guitarist in a 7th grade band,and we played this song at the talent show,got second place over a kid doing painfully bad puns.
- noob_master_ 69 -

2019!!! This is watching
Please like in here
- H.N.Z ch -

This is the best song of the ether end
- proxo 56 -

.. Unforgiving intro????!!...
- BaDKaRmA14 -

This song is the first I learn english language. Damn i remember it so much. Anyone here the same?
- Adit Permana -

esto si es una verdadera obra para un funeral :'3
pd: quien mas aquí metaleros latinos <3
- jhon david espinel -

Buried alive artinya apa sih kalo diterjemahin ke indonesia?
- Manusia Kasep -

the fucking end sounds so much like metallica
- subscibe to me -

i wonder what is more true: that people call avenged sevenfold (and their fans) Emo, or that they call Linkin park (and their fans, which I am of both fans of both) edgelords?
- Blackknight95 -

My favorite song forever i love you matthew R.I.P jimmy sullivan😌😌😌
- Rm Uda Heri -

high asf right now listening to this
- That melancholy Guy with a smile -

- andika dohc -

Good job
- Wiwiet Unhappy -

does it bother anyone else that in the beginning the death bat is un-even
- Jaxson Kent Drums -

3:57 "Jeff calls my name" My name Jeff
- Sam Chen -

Fuck fuck fuck Fuck fuck fuck Fuck fuck fuck
- Hamad Yudisafin -

the mice endure the wheel
- Shantell Crispin -

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”
- Xyepel -

I’m waiting
- Mike Galecki -

- Mike Galecki -