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BANGER!!!!!!This is one Synyster Gates most talented work as one of the best guitarist. Love this Banger song!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Zebow 3000 -

I just fucking love this first minute. Dudes^^
- Marie Ledent -

Yeah no, hell looks like it sucks πŸ˜…
- Noelsterrr -

Such a Regetfull song what done is done it can't come back anymore my favorite band
- Nungsang Jamir -

What hepen with you
- Samsuri Solih -

What hepen with you
- Samsuri Solih -

Imagine living in Sweden and quarantine doesn’t exist
- gustav hΓ€ggstrΓΆm -

This song keeps me from crying everytime my parents yell at eachother or me.
- Goathairs_Inc -

could do without the holocaust corpse pictures...
- Nigel Proctor -

Top a7x!
- Matheus Victor -

A song that aged too well for its own good. #Pandemic2020
- James Christian -

I missed listening to Avenged sevenfold. Just got back to jamming them and they will always be one of my favorite bands.πŸ”₯🀘
- Jimmy Gray -

I only have one problem with the song..

It ends.
- iftikhar rasha -

You bastards!
- Misty Martin -

Oh my God. They killed Kenny!
- Misty Martin -

What's the frequency kenneth?
- Misty Martin -

- Misty Martin -

- Misty Martin -

- Misty Martin -

- Misty Martin -