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Why haven’t I listened to this yet? Smh
- Tanisha Wuttunee -

Absolutamente nadie:
Yo: no le parece injusto que esta canción no tenga más likes y un comentario en español? ;3
- Seika Sempai 6k -

- kebin romero -

First Never enough than this
- Duncan suth -

C'est un être humain qui raconte son humanité au travers d'une mélodie impeccable . J'adore . J'y suis sensible au plus haut point . Merci Rex . NORBERT .
- norbert callais -

everyone is like this reminds me of [insert] and im like why the fuck is the album cover staring into my soul
- atlastatus -

- Abstine Koroma -

this song wants to make me fall in love with my guy bsf which kinda already happend
- mia cloern -

There is one thing having a good life... With youuu!!
- FBI. -

Who else is listening to this in 2020 because they wanna calm down and think about the one they like/love
- Loloy Villamor -

this song is already nostalgic for me and all i wanna do is cry
- bbyboomr -

If I don't blast this in an open roof car with a hot date in the driver's seat while we pass flower fields, what's the point.
- Tipsy Jimin -

Loving is easy, you had me fucked up- +Hi its me your brain, I know you watched that tiktok last night so now you can never here the song the same again. Watch just re listen to it+ Loving is easy you had me- FUCK SHIT BITCH +ha+
- Reptiles With Wings -

Loveing is easy

- Hero2018 -

The image is both comforting and slightly intimidating...
- Mary V -

i came cause of annie lmao
- delilah gacha_juliana_ -

More songs like this one, anyone?
- Leonela Canela -

ok but what did Benny Sings contribute to this
- Joey Bastian -

Eyes could be Decieved, but love is the light, micaa :))
- Misael Alessandro Guerrero -

Imagine walking downstairs to seeing your significant other listening and dancing to this as they make breakfast.
- Briisme -