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Where i can find more stuff like 6:00-06:48?
- Julian -

Sing me a song
- Tallahasee Pheonix -

You're a bringer of evil
- Tallahasee Pheonix -

Hรก 10 anos lรก estava eu...
- Misantropo Perfil II -

when I say munky, you say cheez
- Dongle Quart -

lord ozzy wouldve killed it.
- yayo hazz -

For all you headbanger atheists, You realize, YOU, are being called an IDIOT for not figuring this (life) out? This is a perfect wizard's song - showing the truth of God with an anti-god method (heavy metal music). Pure wizardry
- Evan Antoniou -

Whoever wrote this song must have been spending a lot of time in their bible..... cause that is the bible message on so many levels
- Evan Antoniou -


"Love can be seen as the answer
But nobody bleeds for the dancer"
- theBarb -

I mean that ending is just mindblowing...
- Artan Zabzun -

1979 Sabbath with Dio was my first concert, was 13yrs old! I'm a Zephead but like Jackle and Hyde I'm a Sabhead too! Forevermore...
- Roger McGraw -

I always thought dio was a much better singer than Ozzy and this song is a Prime examples of it
- Wade Adams -

- Mr.Bananarama -

Tommi Iommi Legend ๐Ÿค˜
- Amitesh Chada -

My gf cheated on me just hours ago. So yeah...
- The Estarossa -

Esse solado de guitarra e muito louco
- Jose carlos Rosa -

ั„ัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒ ั„ัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒ ั„ัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒ
- Nek X -

- Gina Floyd -

The less that you give / your're a taker.....
- James Kennedy -