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I've a small educational channel and
it will be insanely amazing
if u would be a part of my channel family
- databunbunbun -

Incrível... deveria ter saído no Nevermind!!
- Weslei Minimal -

Grunge on rock and roller
- Chandler Dowers -

- - ST3NK - -

this song kicks ass!!!!
- Renegade8652 -

oh that one, yeah!
- mathieu topwik -

Kurt forgot the chord and almost played for sliver until krist made it straight
- Bayu Andhika Pradana -

This is the best version of the song
The voice is just so raw absoloutely amazing
- MrChillifresser -

I prefer this version. This is one of my favourite nirvana songs, i find the chorus nostalgic and in a way eerie
- Dominick Hannigan -

- Ruzena Novotna -

Actually it's an early version of verse chorus verse....
- yanick bouchard -

Verse Chorus Verse
- Devon Jones -

The grass is greener over here
- Evan Austic -

Man if this band was still around we would still have good bands in 2020. Hip hop has become a thing too much about money and is just some kind of easy escape from reality. We need to confront it. Not escape it. Etc.
- Jacob Easton -

Verse chorus verse
- Lil Wark -

verse chorus verse
- slav god -

Who else heard the start of "sliver" in the beginning?
- Austish -

this is my preferred version. the lyrics aren't as developed as the later studio demo but this one has a better vocal take
- The Psychic Economist -

I'm not sure why people confuse this song with "Sappy" or "VCV" . Pay attention. He had similar sounding ideas at the time but this is clearly different. I remember when I first hear "Rape me" when I was 13 I thought the riff was a "Teen Spirit" rip off. Just listen kids
- Kris Frederick -

Where are you real nirvana fans!?!
- BillieBinks xo -