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And yet most people enjoy spouting "More money for education!". A corrupt, broken system is not fixed with addition of money.
- Null -

Since the quadrivium & trivium 'Liberal Arts,' were replaced by the prussian education system, backed by the vatican. Is this a real question!?
- upper cut -

after 13 years...the story is the same
- Rahul Dahal -

My teachers have always told me that doing art is useless
- lilzkat -

This is part of what Andrew Yang is speaking of #HumanityFirst

he has a hard accent
- adeel tahir -

Fantastic, he reminds me of a modern day Earl Nightingale.
- RanByMonkeys -

I have had to sit through MANY classes I did not care about and didn't pertain to my major in college, just jumping through hoops and spending a lot of money to get a degree. Colleges are the worst with this. But I don't think it is just up to schools to promote creativity, this is a big role of parents. My mom put me in private art lessons as a child because it was what I loved and didn't get enough of at school.
- Kemley Design -

So briliant!
- Barbara Wróblewska -

I’ve hated school everyday since my Freshman year of High School. (I’m currently a senior in High School, second semester.)
- Conspicuous Gravy -

The older this video gets, the more powerful it gets.
- BW Graphics -

I love this guy
- Peter Savage -

13 years later and we study this talk in an English lesson. Oh the irony.
- Spyyce -

I have ADD (basically ADHD) so I’m going to dance school
- Jennifer Spotts -

This talk came up in one of my practice exams and I found it very interesting what he had to say. So sad and so true how creativity is educated out of people
- Scarlet Guardian -

✔Out My Original Song:
- Brett Who? -

YouTube does.

- RareSox -

Great speech and person 👍
- Anna Ta -

YouTube themselves do.
- RareSox -

NEVER send my kids to school ! Institutional Abuse !
- Edward Mcloughlin -