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- Harry Evett -

I love since.
Like if you love to do since.
- Khloe Grace -

You thought this was terrifying too yeah?
- Michael Devaney -

You forget pluto
- JJ_ Minzy -

This video gave me anxiety...
- NubNinja -

Is there anything bigger than the Universe???
- Anh Kiệt Hồ -

На хуй вы хуйню придумываете???
- Ender Han -

- яна осипова -

For all of you who know Spanish try pronouncing Betelgeuse exactly the way it’s spelled
- Segio Siea -

I now learned that the sun is a beta virgin.
- KuLT -

Waoo no somos nada en el universo saludos
- German Tellez -

Y pensar que todavía existe gente que no cree en la posibilidad de la existencia de vida en otra parte del universo.
- Aquiles Pelida -

Whats most interesting to me, is that the universe that we live in has no end. It has no limit. I dont think there is a wall somewhere, where the universe ends, and even if, you could open that wall so means again you have no limit
- Barry Ramírez -

A alguien más le recomendó esto youtube?
- Marco -

Tutte cazzate!!
- MyMich84 -

Wtf have they done with Pluto?
- matthew moore -

This makes me want NASA to travel to a star and take a real picture
- SpecttraL Eagle -

Earth is flat
- Garou -

This is what keeps me up to 3am
- Thatcher_so_happy -

انا ابي اعرف كيف جبتو المقاسات ابو الكذب انت اول جيب عوالم البحر بعدين اطلع فوق روح للقريب بعدين البعيد
- بن ناجي -