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First scene is copied from mr bean
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3 इडियट्स की पागलपंती
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Without heroine
Without glamour
#super #dupper hit movie❤❤
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I never get bored watching dhamal.
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Starting scene is copied from Johnny english 2003
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dhaamal is just mix up comedy scences of different hollywood movies and series
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Nice vidio
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Chinma swami gotu swami ayer.... 😂😂😂
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3)Dear this is simple logic similar to 1+0=1 only only only 1
3)If THESE above/below points are clicking u please take a head to toe bath wear preferably white clothes and go to your terrace all alone,look into skies, put your mind and heart there and say sorry my creator indeed U R THERE WATCHING ME SORRY SORRY SORRY My Lord Guide me please then see the benefits for u.keep on doing regularly till HE shows some signs.for more clarifications please write your email address
'786)Dear Reader I hope & Wish U doing well well well Off/Safety first before death = Only Religion Islam, The First Religion Since Mankind On Earth & Last Till doomsday = One GOD for all, ALLAH, Creator of All creatures Of Universe, Unseen, But We are Observed By HIS Administration All Times. So, peon to prime minister have to fear HIM doing Absurd & Hatred activities which are registered for proof on Judgment day. Please Note: Jesus, Ram, Buddha etc. never created & claimed anything which is existing for our uses.Allah is a Big Secret, will be disclosed to every Person at the time of his/her death. Mankind’s CREATOR’S Consciousness levels & Piety is also a Secret, will be revealed at the time of his/her death.
I wish all Indians & Worldian be blessed with this understanding & obtain the Guaranteed best fully peaceful lives after Death.PLEASE discuss this clear cut aspect among your family & friends/oblige/ONE UNIVERSE ONE CREATOR i.e.THE ONLY GOD ALLAH FOR ALL.
1) A simple logic to understand:
If some body from around the world goes on finding father's father + mother's mother and so on & so on, definitely, he will come to a conclusion that there was a man & woman at the beginning of mankind hood.
This couple (a man first with soil + soul and then a woman from him, the holy Quran narrates, means first man without parents, first woman without mother then mankind hood with man + woman, later in between, Jesus without father, its all creations or miracles of that only GOD)Allah,the couple informed their descendants that there is a super power who made us with His super science & wisdom, has commanded us to worship Him only, glorify and grateful to Him only and warned of evils powers attacks to change the right path.(Brain thinking, its like in today’s work system, the subordinate argues the boss and gets warning or fired.So Allah The Only GOD sent the trust worthy souls in the form of mankind to Earth So that they Warn us of Bad consequeses on worshipingng wrong non existing gods.
Secondly from any direction of earth, go on finding a particular land owner and previous owner of the same and so on & so on, conclusions comes that the whole earth was owned by one Super King Who is the only GOD Allah for all.

2)Dear mankind have u ever thought, how generous Allah Subhanahu ta'la Is!
1) u put on electricity button for light,we have to pay bill? sun light is free from Him for infinite years!2)Lovely moonlight free from Him for years long from Him 3)similarly,sweet rain water free from Him.but we have to pay for it? 4) go for buying a cylinder of oxygen in the hospital,we have to pay,here we get free oxygen from Allah ST in air 5)organ transplant costing us very high in hospitals,but Allah S/Ta'la fixing thses organs freely in our bodies.6)buy a kg. grain or vegetable,we have to pay,but we r getting many grains/veg. free from Allah S/Ta'la's soil when we sow one grain or veg.seed (that one also we found free on earth)! 7)a seed of fruit gives us every year many no.of fruits for years long and it is free from Allah S/Ta'la, but in market we have to pay for that! 8)brains free,hands and feet free,idea of fishing net comes into that brain,we catch fishes in rivers and seas freely for infinite years,but in the market we have to pay? 9)buy a tanker of crude oil(petroleum), we have to pay,but Allah S/Ta'la never question us while pumping it out from earth non stop?10)buy a truck of sand(silicon),we have to pay, but it is found in rivers and seashores freely available from Allah S/Ta'la! 11)and many more daily life useful commodities we are finding free from HIM in HIS earth and sky, using freely given brain,hands,feet,eyes,ears etc.
so we will not recognize Him,be His disciple(slave) and grateful of such a big unseen super power Who providing us infact every thing free?
- ABDUL WAHAB Parkar -

the best movie...
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No heroine nice movie 🍿
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