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Johnny Depp is such a poser
- Darren Fartman -

- Night Web -

şu seyirciler bir sussa da şarkıyı dinlesek
- Gökmen Kapdağlı -

Depp is an idiot and a tryhard. He looks like a retard playing the guitar. Fuck this poser.
- Monkey Business -

Jonny Depp was spending 30k on wine every month and he owns an island 😂
- Joe Vines -

Guys you should give some credit to Jerry Hannan , the songwriter
- Hani -

What brand of guitar does Johnny Depp have?
- Tomek Mikołajczak -

Lovellyyy!! Sweden says hey!!
- Johan Pettersson -

My favorite no more
- Luis Chavez -

Does JD play electric guitar? He is holding the acoustic guitar like you would hold an electric.
- kimidawn9 -

wow, what?
- Benjamin Menachem -

Que deleite grasias Ambos
- Luisa Lopez -

tres cosas que amo, juntas, Eddie, Deep y guitarras!
- Catalina M. pg -

We have agreed there is a greed...
- Jesper Nøhr Andersen -

I have a whole new appreciation for Johnny Depp, had no idea.The first thing I heard from him was the song Heroes from Bowie. Nice surprise, thanks for the upload!
- Oddysseas -

How could anyone put a thumbs down???
- Grungegirl 80 Blue -

That is not how you hold an acoustic guitar jackass.
- david luzbelle -

2 most beatiful men on the planet!
- Sarah Thompson -

Wow.. Am I dreaming? Can they make a whole album together? Thank you
- F -
- Makbul. S -