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Top 5 best rappers
- Jeffrey Wyatt -

This song is actually better then I initially thought
- Curtis Bemis -

One of the best rappers I've Ever Heard ..
- Jhonatan Guardamino Román -

King of Houston
- Carl Johnson -

one of the greats honestly doesn't take someone intelligent to only know
- Nicolas Travis Daniel -

this song goes so hard. was so proud last week when my 4 year old son rapped this to the bounce house dude while at a carnival. this dude has the smoothest sound and combo of rappin and singing. seriously don't know how he is not as huge as wayne, drake, and others. and coming out with hard ass shit even tho he's not backed by a huge label. so underrated and so mf talented.
- Jill G -

Cam tho
- kings3r3n -

Chamillionaire slept on so much he ought to change his name to Mattress man
- Relentless Ro -

from H-town to Rome, thanks Chamillionaire
- Alfonso Ferrante -

H town baby
- Fred Gonzales -

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥still my favorite of all time💯
- Artemio Valeriano -

dude has hits for DAYS!
- Jeremy Allen -

“They didn’t help you get it but there will always be some people getting mad about your digits. Got these boys that never did it disrespecting what you’ve done”

Chamillionaire speaks only facts
- Pat -

Best Houston Artist ever maybe in the whole Rap game.
- DoItDrity GR3X -

Sk ck fk all day killa
- Joseph Earle -

- badfella bandit -

Idgaf I been jamming chamillion back in the days when he was underground before he was chamillionaire. He's a H-Town Legend forreal.
- john Howard -

- redneck living life -

- redneck living life -

Stepped out the game n bought most expensive NBA finals tickets fortune 500 mindset
- Justin Fromm -