I was Fiddlers Green 9.29.15 Denver Colorado...I was front row, awesome concert. Send Jim a Christmas Gift the 776-1976 Quarter with that date on it.. .
- Janie -

This was the best song they played on the concert! But they should have played No One Like You instead of Blackout. And Klaus Meine sounded EXACTLY like he did on the albums! His voice hasn't changed AT ALL during all these years!
- Samson 92 -

I was there, to see them! My friend only lives about 300 meters away from there, so we walked from his apartment to the concert. It was our first concert together, although I've already seen a few bands before we met (Sturm und Drang in 2009, The Rasmus in 2012, Him and The 69 Eyes in 2014).
- Samson 92 -

just fantastic
- Hugues Martel -

Jättää sanattomaks
- Kolvileo Kolvilei -

한국에도 오셨군요.
알았더라면 무조건 가야 하는데 넘 아쉽습니다.
꼭 가고픈 공연인데~~~~~~~~~
- YS Lee -

Thats so awesome. I would have been there to see them. But my travel plans changed.
- José Reyes -