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Gods of my life .
- Diogo Surreal -

I really don't understand why James was in America got talent...
- Lionel newmei Newmei -

Mangini is the best
- jennifer de jong -

My all tim favourite band.
A tribute to Dream Theater by covering the song Forsaken -
- Sourav Maity -

- BANG TOYIB vlog -

Social distance
- hokuto326 -

Jordan Rudess' iPad is upside-down
- Matan Kesselman -

Anyone else feels this album contains their subconscious attempt to go toe to toe with Sons of Apollo? More compact & heavier songs, and Jordan using Hammond.
- Annoyed Orange -

This song gets better the more you listen to it.
- Guillaume Fournier - DT Kids
- singgih purwono -

John Electrucci Vs John Acousucci
- Aditya More -

They have quarantine since a years ago
- Riczky Sanjaya -

It's "your human flesh" not "your universe."
- A Downbeat Exegete -

DT could make a quarantine multiscreen session like this, huh? Doesn't matter the song, I know I would gladly watch it.
- Phil Wiermann -

- Faisal Noras -

I think they do social distancing to avoid covid-19
- Miftah Rizki Kariem Putra -

Are they eating the Angel????
- Sebastian Henao -

John Petrucci looks like a John Petrucci doppelganger!
- joshua sudeep -

Les 4 sont des dieux de leur instrument, en plus John est doué en barbecue you know where it goes ..from French ...longtime ago, for cook lamb , entire beast, we ‘ve put a piece of metal in ( in French “ de la barbe au cul “ ) beard to ass ...
- Franck W62 -

Just imagine the feeling of mixing this...!
- OSK -