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I bet she doesn't sing about an animal
- ariteguh s -

I love you Katy Perry I am a very big fan of your music and sound and songs
- Kimberly Burns -

- Γ‰liot Kpop -

My favourite song! My favourite singer!
- Challenge Kids -

I love ❀️ peacock I have a peacock costume and 5 peacock
- Reagan Sheetz -

Amazing performance!!!
- Jon Cline -

i love everything

- Ana Freitas -

The show is kinda dirty, but mimes make it dirtier! πŸ˜†πŸ˜ Anyway I love the song and the show!
- Nayden Rodriguez -

Her headband fell of while she was singing 😐☺😐
- Bayleigh Rosierre -

Holy shit I was here for my birthday... Cool experience :)
- TheSirClassico -

this song make me feel's hard lol :v
- bang ablay -

what seats did you have? i'm going to see her and my seats are not on the floor, and yours don't seem to be either. so was it fun even though you weren't super close? could you see everything pretty good?
- Sheena Lange -

Hell no
- Michelle Cote -

I don't have a peacock... I have a turkey.Β 
- qetoun -

This is so negative
- Kaitlin Romero -

I am the biggest fan i would love to visit one of her concerts but my mom has 9 kids so she can't aford this kind of stuff
- Kaitlyn alvarez -

This is horrible, disgusting, it's a shame that people actually like's shameful.
- Melissa Norris -

people actually like this crap? this is horrible, what happened to real music
- Melissa Norris -