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Him and Dave Mustaine are the thrash masters to me. Greatest writer of riffs.
- stéphane A -

I love Gary. Truly the only valid replacement for the amazing Jeff Hanneman
- Glongus -

Could the guy interviewing be more into this??

 "Yeah.... totally....."
- Sacriphyx -

- Florin Alexandru Arama -

Buy a god damn folder, Grommand!
- Matthew Flores -

How is this fucken guy a host of ANYTHING??!!
- 1myhugedick -

That interview reminded me of Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney on SNL...... "Remember that?" LMMFAO
- Dustin Mcpherson -

Sch a lovely chap!
- Phase -

Sehän on Hynynen!!
- Matilda Jonsson -

Love the jacket Gary
- Jedon Lewis -

Gary the MAN!!
- Jeffrey Swiderski -

The most Underrated Metal Guitarist of all time. Gary Holt blows my mind. He's such an amazing Riff God. This interview reveals how humble he is. Fuck this guy is awesome. I hope he keeps melting faces with the riff's he writes with Exodus. It's no wonder Slayer chose him to step in.
- jimometry -

Holt is a liberal. I have no respect for him.
- Adam Warlock -

- tb90hm -

Being in a Slayer Mosh pit cancels out 10 bucket list items. Going from one Slayer Mosh Pit to the next pit cancels out all bucket list items.
- Jason Day -

NOTHING on Wikipedia is "according" to Wikipedia. It's strictly lies and claims of those that are provided the ability, by Wikipedia, to edit any page they please.
The absolute final fact, is... nothing on Wikipedia, basically Wikipedia, can be trusted. It's an extremely unreliable source.
- Brian Joslyn -

Didn't know Troy Sanders played in Slayer too!
- Alexander Hedloff Østbø -

Bonded by Blood...I still have the vinyl with the 2 joined babies on the cover. Years later that cover vanished from stores too. I'd forgotten Kirk had previously been in the band. To me Exodus was in the main 4 and not Anthrax. Slayer, Megadeth, Exodus, and Metallica were the core in those days. Then I'd add on Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, Death Angel, Death, Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, Possessed, Overkill, Destruction, Kreator, Corrosion of Conformity(C.O.C.), D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, Misfits, Samhain, M.D.C., the brief S.O.D., oh yeah Testament (The Legacy they were called first I believe), Motorhead, Metal Church, Zoetrope, At War, many more.. I'm forgetting a few of the midlevel famous groups of the day but then there were hundreds if not thousands falling somewhere between Angry or Political Punk to what we called Death, Thrash, Speed, Black, etc...metal. some groups were a mix and we called them crossover. There were still old school Metal you could play and not get beat up or atleast Outcast. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy until he went glammy for Ultimate Sin, GnR first album oddly, AC/DC, Dio, Black Sabbath, Motorhead again. Then certain classic rock was permissible(by someone's code we knew not who) Jimi H, Zepplin, Deep Purple, Zappa, Floyd, Stones, Who, the Grateful Dead and somewhere in that final grouping I really caught fire. From there the universe of music opened up but I still had my criteria so top 40 pop country and 97% of rap had as much chance as Justin Bieber and Backdoor Boys did. Waylon and Willie, Cash, David Allen Coe were good to go. Rappish music I didn't donate money to but any that sounded good while baked or tripping was ok. I also exposed some rap fans to things along lines of Salvia Divornum and stuff and they saw that thug shit as problematic to hear. I'm impressed Gary is still out there though I never thought Slayer would end. Metallica is ripping fans off and Dave Mustaine seems to have genuinely found Christ. Been a long hard road that had me musically excited since 81, before that music was what my folks played or the radio played and then Mtv... Empty-V...definitely is a joke now as is VH1. both should surrender their music affiliations.
- Jeff Rogers -

slayer is garbage
- brandyn rhode -

gary holt was good...
- brandyn rhode -