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Thanks so much for watching my latest vid! This was nearly six months in the making, so I'd be eternally grateful if you shared this with your friends and family.
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- Indigo Gaming -

So basically in Crest you play Xi Jinping?
- Sodapop -

Where is Theme Hospital? I still play that game till this day :(
- ctse26 -

So many great Games..... DK CIV Pop Dune 2........ Black and White Sim city. Today's games are not bad but never come close to these old gems.
- CommanderAustria -

Fascinating vid which kept me from my breakfast. I played Populous many years ago but then somehow missed the rest of the GG story. Instead became a fan of RTSs like Battle For Middle Earth2, also thrown into oblivion by the Big Bad of this vid, EA games. What struck me was this followed the classic pattern of hubris bringing about the hero's downfall. Its as though Peter Molyneux was taking part in a Greek tragedy in which the gods raised him up, only for him to become corrupted by pride, and struck down (perhaps by a meteor swarm).. I think there's a great biopic to be made by someone right there!
- cally anderson -

I really want a hard science version of spore
- Ja Kooistra -

History of God Games or the rise and fall of Peter Molyneux. Populous 2 was the first game i ever played, it was on a floppy, so i have good memories of how much time i spend with it.
- ninetenduh -

all these old god games seem so great and nowedays im stuk growing up with games like fortnite and clash of clans
- Niels de Vries -

"...reigning over miniature worlds." Microverse!
- CeruleanDragon1 -

I think the part about Spore's development can also be used as an argument for focus of power. If Wright was completely in charge, or Hecker, and the game was decided in one certain direction, it probably would have been a far better game than it is. However, we all know what the problem with concentrating power is. I think that all game developing teams should either have one person who decides the direction, and their word is unopposable, or, as a better alternative, many game devs should have better planning phases where they properly decide how their game be.
- Mr ReeMann -

I don't know how much of it is just the high resolution you can play it on today but Magic Carpet looked amazing graphically there. That was the same year Final Fantasy VI came out and while that's a gorgeous game, its 3D and faux 3D sections are very blocky and rudimentary looking compared to Magic Carpet.

I loved the music for that game too. Come to think of it, it looked like shit on my machine but my 96 first PC was abysmal. I had no idea how fast or slow a computer was supposed to be and God the effort it took for that thing to do anything.
- RiC David -

Didn’t no so many played dungeon keeper I still play it today lol infact completes it couple months back when I had nothing to do for 2 weeks 🙌
- Lee Donativo -

This is such a cool video thank you
- Andy Wilson -

And now i have to replay Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2

Azmodius better watch himself
- The Watcher -

Very Good Video, Indigo. Thank You.
- Brandon Ette -

Omg where is God Game? The mobile game with the pygmy people.
- Brandon Ette -

Someone needs to reboot magic carpet that game looks amazing
- Andy Wilson -

No matter where I look I can't find the game Black & White anywhere, since I lost my old cd for it. It seems the internet doesn't have it.
- XxNocturnalKnightxX -

I Really loved this video thanks for making it! Bit long tho, had to watch it in 2 sessions :p.
- No Name -

Dwarf Fortress
- I Won A Math Debate -