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"Why are you playing the LTD instead of the other one?"
I'm just guessing that a millennial asked that 🙄
- The Skull -

Just bought that LTD a few minutes ago. Pumped.
- Chris Jones -

Gary Holt full guitar nerd that red guitar is beautiful.
- McBastard_Tv -

Gary Friggin' Holt favorite guitarist ever.
- Orwell Was Right -

Gary is such a cool dude and a FKN sick ass guitarist. Underrated if u ask me. HE is right there with the founding fathers of thrash and metal. Thank u Mr Holt for all the inspiration!
- Triple S -

- 西です -

Gary is, in my opinion, the most badass thrash guitarist along with Papa HET. Those ESP LTD are the best bang for the buck guitars goin.
- Chris Poore -

When it comes to playing guitar viciously, Gary is full blow MURDER !

Love slayer but cant wait for gary to go back to exodus and a new album.Gary is so cool.
- cyclopsvideo1 -

interviewer, shut up. let gary talk.
- treadgold69 clarke -

Gary Holt rooooocks out!!!!
Awesome guitar player, one of the greatest and a pioneer of this genre.
Gary thank you for the good times,you are the best.
- juan de la cal -

This guy needs to learn how to interview anyone..let alone a fkn legend like Gary Fkn Holt
- Assiniboine Archery -

I’m not really much of a tremolo guy, but I’d love to get my hands on the hard tail version of Holt’s ltd. That black with red binding and red EMGs looks insane
- mil182 -

Gary holt is awsome im so glad that i met him
- 66 Bassmachine -

Anybody knows about the floyd rose influences ( i know Neal Schon he put a floyd on a Gibson lp on 1981) escape record was the first and later on esp guitars maybe kirk Hammett makes his a similar model but w 24 frets and different knobs and pickups selector!
- Pablo Gomez -

is that the "Well would you just look at that!" guy
- Chris Thorpe -

Its cool that Holt actually uses the LTD one.
- Polyphonic Fart -

Sooo Cool
- Daniel Castillo -

I love quoting him with a lisp. When he says too cool for school I convince myself he’s a middle schooler who’s too high to pass 7th grade
- Andrew Levister -

1:11 Testament Setlist???
- Ardent Mortal -