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I remember them days can't get them back h-town 🤘🤘🤘for life r.i.p to DJ SCREW, FAT PAT,HAWK AND ALL THA REAL ONE'S
- Awaken Minds -

Born and rasied in San Antonio ..but LOVE THAT H!!!!

Im still stuck in dem dayz can't let it go... Soufside 4 Life
- Johnny Hooker -

On bloods dis mf still bump in 2019🤘👌
- savag3 / -

Swangin breaking boys off to this 2020

:39...ha bruh
- B Pru -

Natural lookin gorgeous chicks. I’m much more a fan of women like this then what’s runnin aroundthese days

Only the realest here homie 💯 2020

-November,16,2000 was the day

RIP TO THE LEGEND OF THE SOUTH 💯 20 years later you still grinding.
- killa buds -

Flips 3rd verse🔥🔥
- Herb One -

Timeless track who here in 2020
- Derrick Bonner -

Steady bumpin to this in 2020
- TrueOG -

Still bumpin this
- loving broken-pieces -

Still bumpin this 2020!! Flip was my brother’s favorite rapper growing up, I’m sure he’s up in heaven bumpin still! Love you bro and miss you 🙏🏽
- Robert Cordova -

Day 1 til now 1-1-20!!
- B Torres -

I Remember watching this dvd every weekend, working for my uncle at his jewelry store where we sold “grillz”. Couldn’t wait to turn 16 and start building my SLAB! My dream has since become true and I don’t regret a damn thing! This is still my Sunday song!
- Born Trill -

It's something about Houston rappers... don't do too much yet still more 🔥🔥 than the ones doing the most! Love all the way from Greater Toronto area ‼️
- Lorraine Tobillo -

Real muzic 🔥🔥🔥🔥
- Julian Cruz -

When 20 year old rappers were mature... This song almost 19 years old... Compare to today's 20.. nvm 💁

Souf Side Stay n Lead ...4Ever TriLL Salute S.U.C
- Hood Boxx -

Lmao kids can see they mommas here now hahahahahaaaa
- C J -