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the greatest punk bass player of all time
- Cole Carter -

I want to congratulate myself hahahaha
- Decolife André -

They are deserving of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!! I cant believe that many non-rock artists were awarded before them!!!
- Lester Laoagan -

Aguanté los Ramones carajooo
- Fabricio Ibáñez -

Dee Dee steals the show as always
- LR Ramone -

For everyone bitching about how “they forgot deedee” “deedee got left out”. first off he thanked himself as a joke and because he’s deedee ramone, he’s a character. It also isn’t everyone’s job to thank one person..
- Carolina Thrills -

God Bless president Bush?

See this is why I don’t like Johnny.
- S4M_C0us1nz -

Seventeen seven teen s e v e n t e e n
- startervisions -

they had that hair when they were like 40
- Raccoon Master -

Right now we need them more than ever. A group of I don’t give a fucks. I Miss them
- cocklobster79 -

- Gabriel Flores da rosa -

They're hardly HARD ROCK music and their tunes are miserable!!!
- Christian Jackson -

johnny looks and sounds the same lol
- Eli Andrade -

I'm glad the Ramones got inducted before Joey died
They're MUSIC means so much to so many people
Long live the Godfathers of PUNK ROCK
- Robbie Landrey -

I named my 2 daughters from the ramones. Sheena and Dee Dee :). I love em to death
- wesley james -

Tommy..God Rest His Soul was the only one with class to applaud Joey with meaning and not just "an oh by the way" comment. That spoke volumes about his character.
- brenda Capaldi -

Marky's face after Johnny speech
- E57384N -

It really bothers me how Joey was barely mentioned. RIP sweetheart 🖤🤘
- Angela Stevenson -

Queria legendado
- Elton veras -

Pretty selfish of them to barely mention Joey ...
- Richard Mullins -