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Johnny such an asshole
- Dave G -

Dee Dee is so arrogant!
- Brian H -

The Jews of rock
- Benny Beer -

I like how DeeDee wonders what the hell they're talking 2:22 onwards when the others thank the weirdest acts nothing to do with them, especially the drummer bowing before the filthical Ringo, without even mentioning his name explicitly. Faex Mundi was probably oozing out of their bitchily orifices infront of their beehive era TV sets, including many of those "jews" in the audience not getting that they were being had by the jews; and all Faex Mundi gloating over Joey being dead at that point, and DeeDee allegedly left-to-wonder-but-nothing-more, and soon to die after this …
- Wolfgang Trubshaw -

Mano o Johnny fazia chapinha ou usava peruca slc
- Lucas Leite -

I didn’t remember what year they were inducted and I thought “where’s Joey?” And then I realised that they were inducted in 2002 and now I’m sad
- Disco DeaCy -

rock n roll hall of fame is a joke.
- Mr. E -

Gabba Gabba We Accept you We accept you.

One of of us?
- George Mortimer -

Why are alice in chains, Jethro Tull, soundgarden, motorhead, the cure, iron maiden, exc NOT in the rock and roll hall of fame but Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, ABBA, exc ARE in the hall of fame?
- Brian Morrison -

It kinda hurts to hear a punk rock legend say "God bless president Bush"
- Jose Musiquero -

La mejor banda punck de toda la historia
- Ariel Angel Medina -

God bless president bush?!?! Whaaaaaaatt
- Free Bee -

I love dee dee
- Red Days -

Deedee was not of this earth. Totally think he was left here by aliens. And that is totally ok
- Raymond Solis Jr. -

The only thing I didn't like about Dee Dee's speech is he's the most interesting Ramone. 53rd and 3rd was based on experiences he had in his own life.
- s3nse c0rruptr -

"Have The Rolling Stones killed..."
- Emp Tee -

Tienen el corazon argentino .

Punk rock band?? You havin a laugh?? Fuckin hate ramones,drab music,new wave band at best.They look more like Black Sabbath.
- John Oleary -

punk in the Rock hall of fame.................stupid

What an asshole Johnny was. "God bless president Bush" really??? What does that have to do with the Ramones? God bless the soul of Joey would been more aproppiate.
- Danielch -