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Hey ho let's go...!!!
- JaggerKiss Martínez -

Eddie Vedder es un payaso.
- Pablo Marco -

R. I. P. Joey
- Suicide Hours -

AGUANTE Ramones 👅😁
- Horacio Bioy Casares -

La banda más grande de punk rock, díganme lo que quieran, pero para mí pocas bandas son tan grandes como estos cabrones. Gracias por cambiar para siempre la industria musical y demostrarnos que el que te digan que no, no es el final, si no el comienzo♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
- Gabriela Martínez Reséndiz -

Why did Marky get an award and not CJ? Should’ve been only the originals.
- swinglow33 -

As a kid growing up in their early years, peopledont understand their gargantuan contribution to music. Before them most bands were incredible musicans. Along come the Ramones who knew 3 chords. They made it seem like any kid could do the same. Am grateful I have seen them live.
- Rob Xx -

Wheres CJ?
- The Ostgard -

Dee Dee wearing a suit is too funny. I remember when he died just feeling sad. Probably because I related and sympathized with him the most.
- javi m -

True punk rock originaters
- Michael Salazar -

Damn muss these guys. Fking legends.
- Kris B -

First Joey...
- MrToze64 -

I'll tell you...Dee Dee is for real. All of them are, but especially Dee Dee, that guy is 100% authentic.
- youtuber -

The most important of all is missing wihtout him the ramones are nothing joey ramone the voice this iconic band and the best songs are his
- Alejandro Argentino -

thank u joey thank u dee dee
- Bambang Adi Nugroho -

Joey deserved this more than anyone
- Not Anymore -

É piruca?
- Marcelo Santos -

- Gabriel Jerez -

You know exactly how Dee Dee feels at 4:05
- Evan Jordan -

Dee Dee probably feels the same way I do about award shows.
- J Mason -