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So what did Eddie Vedder think of the "God Bless President Bush" remark ?
- Konga 5000 -

"God bless President Bush and God bless America"
The most punk rock thing to say in that moment haha
- Mattiloo -

Dee Dee rock.!!
- Seb_G -

Where is Richie?
- márcio Barcelos -

Dee Dee is too punk rock for this ceremony
- Fabio Maxi -

I feel like maybe Dee Dee's feelings were hurt that none of his bandmates mentioned him in their speeches. You can kind of see his mood change right before it's time for him to speak.
- Ellie -

I'd just like to say this gig sucks.
- Kory Kloth -

Dee Dee...L E G E N D
- Nimus Works -

Marky is a dick fuck with a bad wig on his deformed head.
- Big Smoke -

Mark's fucking poser..he's not a Ramone ! All the OG members have passed but their music lives on
- Rocco MARZIANO -

Was Joey dead. No, where was he?
- Michael Chester -

Where was C.J. Ramone?!!!
- R C. -

Gabba Gabba, I miss these guys big time!
- Doc Rock -

Deeeee deeeee!!! Hey ho let s gooooo,!!!
- Eliseo Colone -

I have only started to listen to the Ramones, i was kind of stubborn musically when i was a teen, i just assumed they weren't my thing without listening to them, i'm 28 now and i'm so impressed by them, Listen to my heart, we're a happy family, 53rd and 3rd, i just want to have something to do and so on...and i'm actually sad when i see them in interviews or listen to them, that they're all dead... i'm from Dublin and they played here at least 3 times and i know some of the venues, what a shame, what a shame, hopefully we'll all meet again some day, or some of us for the first time. All of them were so interesting and unique...they worked hard and really enjoyed what they did...they were a great band.
- Jim O'Ryan. -

- Omar Cuchiarelli -

Don’t let this make you forget that Dee Dee tried to make a career out of rapping
- Dennis Moore -

Cj should have been up there too
- gsandoval1972 -

“I’d just like ta say this gig sucks!”
- Stephen Greico -

The original rockstars
- curloos -