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80,670,617. 13/07/20 @ 09:15.
- Li Nah Hing -

Let Go, Stay Gold, LIGHTS!
- Mel Espinas -

Meus bbs amo tanto vcs e so posso demostrar isso reconhecendo,ouvindo e transmitindo a arte esplêndida de vcs!!!
- Dayara A verdade liberta -

Sinceramente custo acreditar que tenha Mv's com menos de 100M!!!
Eles merecerem ser ouvidos e reconhecidos por todo o mundo!
- Dayara A verdade liberta -

Quando acho que tenho uma preferida sou nocateada com uma mais linda que a outra!!!
- Dayara A verdade liberta -

Cada musica é uma demonstração de amor pela arte e um presente para o seu fandon amo vcs tanto tanto bts!!!
- Dayara A verdade liberta -

hi! just wanted to say thankyou being my light..our light. thankyou for being there when nobody does..thankyou for always reminding us to keep going..and thankyou for being our inspiration..I know I'm a bit late to stan with you, I became an army just recently. I deeply appreciate all your effort just to give us music that feeds our heart and soul. We will support you till the end. Please be healthy, nevermind the hate just keep going!

ARMies always got your back!
- ka ri -

- Deja Vu -

this song and its music video is so... BTS, lmao i love y'all
- Tae’s Mochi -

- بطيس بطيس -

➡️Stay gold
- R R -

أنت ضوئي 🎈✨
- R R -

هاي..... 🖇️
- R R -

I love you jimin
- Wanderley Felix -

I have been going through anxiety attacks but while listening to this it makes me feel so comforted. They made me realize tht I don't have to be too hard on myself. I felt really emotional with this.
- Ayesha Samrin -

Letz get this to 100M
- Maham Iqbal -

Promise me Armys that after watching this MV you'll watch Boy with luv MV so that precious MV will reach 1B much faster. Promise? Work quick Armys
- Huriya loves Jung-Kookies -

So under rated honestly
- Hi ;-; -

BTS is my light...
- humay nebili -

Amo todo de esta canción es perfecta y que decir del mensaje que transmite es bellísimo☆ ^_^