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Idk why but this song gives me Christmas vibe. I mean, it looks to me as if it is a great to be listened in a cold, rainy day while you are staying home and drinking a hot chocolate
- Serena Pink -

Jin is so good at singing japanese songs?!?!?!
- r j -

I realise that for bts's Japanese songs, the more u listen to it, the better it becomes. Like lights and let go. It's a hidden masterpiece.
- r j -

I love bts so much
- mari kook -

I am ashamed to say I forgot about this masterpiece
- evelyn hernandez -

I come here again after realize they will perform this at muster japan and I will never hear this beautiful song live 😭🤧
- Hana -

I've never seen such a pure MV and I certainly have never felt so happy and relaxed from watching an MV. BTS – these precious boys – truly are the lights in my life. I'll always be grateful to them. 💗💜
I fell in love with BTS because of the love they have for each other. So it makes sense that this is my favourite MV because it really is the epitome of all their love. 💜💜💜
- Jaena Sim -

Some of their best lyrics
- Chiara Vallini -

- A.R.M.Y洪子晴 -

Hiiiiii 💜😭
- Chubs Mẫn -

ليش هاي الاغنية مشاهداتهة قليلة والله قليلة بحق بانتقان احبكم بتس
- اميرة بذاتي -

i don't really know how to explain it, but this songs brings me this certain tranquillity, it's beautiful
- jamaishope -

Jungkook saying hoowaoha5:05
- Seok Jinnie -

- Not Today13 -

كايز باجر بتس رح يعدون هذي الاغنية عل المسرح ورح اموت
- Zainab _12v -

- Lucky NA -

NOVEMBER 22 , 2019
- Sophia Polynice -

- ゆあ -

BTS, you seven guys messages for us, love yourself if you love yourself then you love other people. That’s really true you guys make me right way and happy thanks you guys so much
- Dechen Yangzom -

I'm here for JIKOOK
- じじょいkいぉヴぇ -