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185M$ on a plane when he's only worth 150, I'd say they lease things like that for promotion purposes
- quinny -

Do Roddy Ricch
- Greg Peters -

Imagine being house arrested
- PaPa-AzK -

Jam wormhead - cold as ice lit dude hard asf
- The Lotto show -

How he got 150 million in a country my ancestors built but I'm broke

Firm believer that firefighters deserve this lifestyle.
- MR. Sasquatch x -

The way this dood pronounces some of the car names and the “brittle path” aka bridal path lmao cmon dude
- michael mcmullin -

Umm drake "jet" is a lease lmao I know the people who leased it to him
- PSJAyman -

Ha sickxs🤑🤧
- 3swav Nova -

Soooooooooooo he made $486,062,500 without paying anyone ok........ Ima just gts off that
- UhhPurp -

Do young thug

- Alex badia -

And WTTBA? And that tour?
- Barnacle Load -

I feel all these numbers are so off
- Barnacle Load -

Damn cash money really robbed drizzy

So he is worth 150,000,000 and he spent 185,000,000 on a plane. Mmmmm
- C S -

Drakes the type of dude to eat two gummy bears at once so they don’t die alone
- Soph antastic -

Fuck drake
- Soph antastic -

Birdman aint shit
- Emeka Duru II -

Drakes a hacker
- Jamison Waters -