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Seems like them numbers are low.. 200m an he only got 27m seems kinda low for drake man
- The Boss93 -

He hasn’t done his taxes he’s to turnt up.
- Chris Godines -

When you have 50% jewish in you
- acap wilcha -

Drake is also known for being a predator sex offender towards teenage girls.
- ccalebb -

Drake didn’t quit Degrassi he got fired because I was spending too much time making music
- Yung CoMa_ -

£¢¥≥≠≤<√π¶ ±£~`÷
- gamer boy -

inventing oneself
jody welchs ashes shelf
fonzie and ralph malph
- Jeffrey Richardson -

Fuuuuck baby was doin that boy dirty lmaoooo
- Trill Rodrihurd -

Don't be surprised if Drake is worth 500million in 5 years or even a billionaire
- Kwasi De Jonge -

Can yall do a finance video on hov
- Kwasi De Jonge -

I wish I was worth that much damnnnn
- dinerøø -

So he’s worth 150 million and he has a jet that cost 180 million?????🤔
- ProneToInfection -

150mil net worth and a 185mil plane ?dude are you serious with your video ?😂
- Cristian Beian -

Drake is worth more money than this
- TJ Moore -

You know what tho, its gotta be boring eventually. Everything you want does have a limit. You aspire to get to that point but once you actually do that feeling is never the same as it was. Having the ability to have everything eventually will reach its limits and you will have nothing but friends and family. If you allow the money to over power that you will end up alone in a 16 room house looking at your phone, wondering what happened. Sure, you instagram dm some thot for the night but again no substance there, just a quick nut then shes gone in a uber and your back to being home alone looking at your phone wondering what happened to everyone you knew. No one is fooling me with this lavish lifestyle bullshit.
- its fissyy -

Any car guy cringed when he called the LaFerrari a "sports car"
- mrminiature11 -

30 seater plane for like 10 of us
- MrArjay123 -

Ton of misinformation and guess work in this video...For starters Take care came out in 2011, His estate in HH is called the "POLO ESTATE" not the Yolo estate lol...You also made no mention of what he gets paid for a feature, which is minimum 250k, and you made no mention of what he gets contractually from UMG for his albums, Scorpion pulled him 40 million alone...He also has Virginia Black, and he gets a piece of the Raptors Jersey sales...Dude designed their championship rings FFS. He's worth a lot more than 150 million, and if we're being realistic, his brand as a whole is worth billions. Drake hasn't missed in 10 years.
- steven cocky -

Remember that i was in your comment section when...

Just remember it lmao
- Alex Mamedy -

Lol I wanna hear what drake would say if he watched this
- Chrisfrom954 -