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Real mente apestan
- rosalva medina -

What i think i looks when im angry: 0:49
What it real looks like: 3:50
- Karol Sadza -

Hello... Is this song copyrighted? I want to know if I can use a few seconds of it for a video. thanks
- Dolores Barrios -

Tyler1 jajajajjajaja
- Luis Colman -

Bruh I gotta call cps at for that kid at the beginning he just yeets him lol
- It’s neo -

Hulks baby version.
- raerth.x -

- Lights out -

- Lights out -

Stop aux auto-goals ✨🙃✨
- Patricia Coronil -

Hi there childhood emotions! I didn't know that you're a music video now.
- 88angelswings -

aaahhh yes Tyler1's Father.........
- Epicgamer231 -

3:45 How i feel
3:59 Real me
- RΣD -

This that kid that growls at you, and says he can turn into a werewolf, while you just look at him like this: 👁👄👁👌
- Weebaku Wesnaw -

I love this song for sure
- Čhërry nåyēøn Minatozaky -

Tiler1 be like
- Martin. exe -

That guy has a bubble gut lmao
- Inkabink PG3D -

I searched for "Musikvideo mit Trompete" and I actually found it lol :D
- tøp -

they literally payed some buff dude to destroy shit
- Trial -

Me when I get yet another notification from google classroom
- FrickboaTM -

hair loss that came with growth
- Seo TAc -