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There is not a single track on this album that is worse than any other. Impossible to stop listening once started.
- jordantiste -

- Patrick Glascoe -

this is great chillin music.
- mymonstamix -

Nice shit!!!
- Javier Ortiz -

lol @ posting the audio properties... you realize it's irrelevant because YouTube streams at 192k MAX right?

Also who the hell downvoted this??? So good!!! Blockhead is the shit.
- Kolendo -

This whole album makes me happy that someone out there is doing it for the love of the game.
- CerebralDataJack -

This album has stirred me in a way I was looking to be stirred for a while now.
- Joe Kidd -

I fall asleep to this album damn near every single night. So very good
- S.m Treff -

my favorite part is 0:00 to 58:20
- Okay Okay -

y'all need to listin to redhead blonde
- Jeremy Land -

Listening at work while sending out invitations to bid, calling subcontractors and cranking out contracts. Other than the fact that I just really enjoy Blockhead's music, it really helps me keep my work-flow moving forward.
- Adryana Weir -

picked this up this year for a not so bad on vinyl with the extra Aesop Rock instrumentals this year. blew my mind. Carnivores Unite is my favourite track off this album.
- turntableterrorist -

- strangefru -

This record is just sounds, but damn does it take me back to a period in time that wasn't so pleasant for me. It feels good to be better and just remember the emotions I had when I had this album playing on Saturday nights while I lay in bed looking at the ceiling wondering what the fuck to do with myself at 19 my family hadn't seen me for a couple of years and my immediate family was worried about my situation. I felt like Syd Barret. If anyone is reading this and stuck just keep pushing. Adversity is what makes us appreciate the beauty of life when we get to experience it to its full potential.
- Yung Illuminati -

- Jay Illa -

this creeps up on you.
- hiphop lifesstyles -

thank you
- J. YOUNG -

Amazing album but I won't lie I once walked out of a blockhead show because he was remixing "bitch don't kill my vibe."
- Smiles Smile -

Sunday Seance has this strange Cowboy Bebop feel about it, like floating over Ganymede in the flight deck of the Bebop. A feeling like reaching the end of the road.
- Mr. Limbs -

Not sure why this era was so obsessed with all the chipmunk vocals. Still great stuff.
- burtflaxton -