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Peanuts samples have never been this groovy
- Crazy Eyes -

i feel terrible
- Tangerine Roche -

Blockhead is cemented in my life from when I was just becoming an adult, and the emotions always hit hard when it takes my mind right back to those late nights, being a 17 year old that thought he knew the whole game and had the world ahead of him.
I love music, it saves memories away in the back of your mind, then unlocks them whenever you listen again.
Isn't music fucking amazing?
- Brandon Chilton -

Not a clue if someone would find it interesting but the first track samples Paktofonika (Polish hip-hop group's track around 2:08-2:20, track's name was: "Popatrz"-translates to "have a look"). The original song was a 70's hit by Anna Jantar: "Tyle Slonca w calym miescie" ("So much sunshine all around the city"). Anna Jantar was a celebrity in Poland around that time. She sadly died in a an aicraft catastophy in 1980. I've no clue how Blockhead picked that sample but it's peculiar lol. Check out "Jestem Bogiem" or "Ja to Ja" by Paktofonika. Great, inventive rhymes.
- x yz -

I realized today that this is my favorite album of all time. It's had my back more than any person or combination of people ever have. It'll most likely outweigh all relationships in the long run. I am legend, if only I can continue to listen to this through that lonely apocalypse.
- Darwin Kalenor -

Triptych Pt.3 is horrible song, i am addicted to this album but every time when it comes i skip this song. All the other songs are incredible!!!
- La Tortuga Búlgara -

insane lp

- gille2k -

This album is 15 years old today. Frick yea!
- Dan K -

i havent heard this album in over 12 years (since high school), it's all coming back to me now
- T J -

2:22 For that feel I come back for.
- shitbag -

100/100 album
- Coper Field -

everybody loves blockhead!

Still listening a year later! Much love!
- S.m Treff -

Me like
- Wuh-huW -

This and Endtroducing were my favorites back in the day!
- Y O J I M B O 用心棒 -

An ad after every track? Fuck off
- Hamza S -

Puts the kids right to sleep.
- casshubbard -

Intro is dope!
- ASR 10 -

This guy is unreal with the samples. Dilla lookin' down smilin' at this
- Dickensian Kenwold -

Does anyone know which movie the voice clip on "You've Got Maelstrom" is taken from? I recognise the voice and the manner of speaking from a sample on Aesop Rock's "Flashflood" off of Labor Days and if the film is something like a shared favourite of Tony's and Ian's I think that might be fun to watch.
- Felix -