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Triptych Pt.3 is horrible song, i am addicted to this album but every time when it comes i skip this song. All the other songs are incredible!!!
- La Tortuga Búlgara -

insane lp

- gille2k -

This album is 15 years old today. Frick yea!
- Dan K -

i havent heard this album in over 12 years (since high school), it's all coming back to me now
- T J -

2:22 For that feel I come back for.
- shitbag -

100/100 album
- Coper Field -

everybody loves blockhead!

Roadrage breakdown is the best song ever created
- Capri Sun -

Still listening a year later! Much love!
- Little LoveWing -

Me like
- Wuh-huW -

This and Endtroducing were my favorites back in the day!
- Y O J I M B O 用心棒 -

An ad after every track? Fuck off
- Hamza S -

Puts the kids right to sleep.
- casshubbard -

Intro is dope!
- ASR 10 -

This guy is unreal with the samples. Dilla lookin' down smilin' at this
- Dickensian Kenwold -

Does anyone know which movie the voice clip on "You've Got Maelstrom" is taken from? I recognise the voice and the manner of speaking from a sample on Aesop Rock's "Flashflood" off of Labor Days and if the film is something like a shared favourite of Tony's and Ian's I think that might be fun to watch.
- Felix -

- Valentin Idk -

Just listening to this on repeat and it's helping me get through an overwhelming amount of schoolwork. I've loved this album since it came out, always will.
- ingwis -

Hi I'm XLATON. I listen to this music with my friends. Anyone out there, bow down!
- Clayton Glasser -

There is not a single track on this album that is worse than any other. Impossible to stop listening once started.
- jordantiste -