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music (hi hat,808,snares, etc) left ear | right ear have ONLY vocals (technique)
- Yokubaru -

This sounds like an anime opening lmao
- TinTin -

Fuckin great song!
- Andreson Carvalho -

9:58 AM 11/13/2019 What is this album about? Or WHO is this album about? Im doing okay its everyone else around me "living the dream".
- Prince Nicholas Herrman -

well I've been listening to most of the legendary metal and rock bands by now but this might just be the best song I've ever heard in my life
holy shit
- GloriousTapeworm -

aww man why I'm only now listening to this great band xd
- QuantumNeko -

to be honest i just want to save russian lives and if it was USA vs Mexico i would be devil's advocate
- Party Tomorrow -

its between them and brazil
- Party Tomorrow -

but thats just me and even when i hated on Russia i still said the citizens are perfection
- Party Tomorrow -

besides maybe wealth
- Party Tomorrow -

im not a huge fan of american girls lol i dont think anyone is
- Party Tomorrow -


what in the actual fuck this is a FURRY VIDEO bruh...
- Angel Colorado -

What kind of gay ass offspring is this?
- Ferdinand Willoughby -

The Future is Now - The Offspring
- Tim Vernak -

Thumbnail is so similar with viva la vida. Am I the one who feels like that?
- A Neglected Stranger -

Me: "Please tell me this video isn't about furries"

Also Me: "God Dammit"

Ps there is nothing left to save
- Daved the Dude -

Amazing song. True for me than ever.
- themostimportantthinginlifeistobefree doyoufeelfree -

- Scott Cumberland -

Bdhfgb fuf
- alexpro123 eigner -