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I will always keep listen to this because we fans must not never forget the real music Will never go away and I’m still listening too it forever until I grow gray hair
- Random ice Lol -

best band ever closely followed by guns and roses
- Devils Hellhound -

this song is awesome
- Vinceri2b Mercury -

this slapped harder than I thought it would
- Kenton Rune -

Wow the furry convention is weirder than i thought
- Kaden Ralston -

I remember when i first heard this song. and im 13 now lol, this is a banger
- Dallas Brown -

I need help.
- The Dzjivenator -

p#tos furros, estan en todos lados XD
- Master coffee -

Damn, don’t remember how I found these guys, all I know is that it was years ago, like really long ago, glad I came back to them
- Supercooper28 -

I don't get it
- 150booyadragon -

10 years on, still a banger
- randalhopper -

Dam this polar bear got his ass served in the moshpit :(
- TheGreyOne ! -

This is the song that will play during the storming of Area 51
- Nick Kritikakos -

got from beyblade lol
- Dynamic Plasma -

Where The fuck has this band been all my life?
- Matt Elrod -

very very good

Are used to be best friends with Joe Principes kid😱😱😱
- Random Gameplay 153 -

I don't know why I even after many years always return to this band.
- Juraj Oravec -

2:45 free replays here
- Tyrome Biggums -

Why are they furries?
- R10T SQ4UD -