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Não lembro exatamente quando conheci esse tipo de música, mas sinto saudade de quando era mais novo e via AMV com elas... Conheci essa com um AMV de Busou Renkin, anime lindo também :')
- Luci Luci -

This is my favorite song to break through personal records in the gym.
- Oliver Queen -

Is it only me or does it sound like an anime opening?
- :3 ILikeCats -

I miss music like this.

The 18k dislikes are from the elderly
- dragonborn 8798 -

9 years still my favorit i know nobody cares, but ty so good memories and many more follow.
- Ara -

Been looking for this song for 10 years and I found it
- APH 915 -

Like if youre still a fan in 2019!!
- APH 915 -

Rage against/rise against the machine hmmmmm
- APH 915 -

The only song I listened to for a few weeks so thanks rise against
- APH 915 -

My age is moot. This album is a banger.
- Cameron Mackie -

Negan, Is that you?
- NotK00l AndG00d -

Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock?
- B0D3Y -

- Olly Tropics -

This video sucks ass but the song is STILL one of the best I've ever heard. This band was probably the best part about living in Chicago for me. Them and Delilahs. Good times for sure
- C Williams -

Why does this sound like the ultimate anime opening song?
- Random Tom -

Rock on!!!!!!!! @axelmusicbox here. Sounds fantastic
- axelmusicbox -

en 18-06-2019 ....... chile
- GuaSon HD -

Legit...I can't stop hearing the Simlish version and its freaking me out
- Babbx -

There was one day, quite a while back, I was that elephant doubled over walking through that tunnel. Might have been gall stones, who knows, the pain.
- idoj654123 -