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Yo man great video!! I can do these technique separately with my feet. But when I put them together, it comes out as flam most of the time. Any tips on how to put two feet together? so frustrating been stuck at this for 3 months. Thanks for advice !!!
- Thatpol Dechraksa -

for sure cockroach is dead if i use swivel technique with 300 bpm LOL
- low ag -

This lessons are awesome 👏
- Paul Hudicêv Hoof -

hello! I've got a question. Is very important sitting hight for this technique? thank you so much for this lesson!
- ja -

it's a good way to fuck your knees.
- 50 cent's Financial Advisor -

He said you have to have a direct drive while using a chain drive🤔
- Andri Eyfjörð -

This is guy is the junction of both, a good gym personal trainer with a drummer how can you get better? this guy is like body science into drums
- blukrr -

Wha about injuries in knees whit swivel technique ?

You're not doing the swivel technique right. You're still applying the whole leg motion to your swivel technique which is not what the swivel is traditionally used for and that MAY make it slightly easier but if you do strictly the ankle motion with a swivel it makes it much easier. You are advertising the swivel in the traditional sense but demonstrating it with a whole leg motion which may misinform people. I felt the need to point that out in case people get confused.
- Liam Harlow Drums -

Good explanation (as usual). Can you tell me how to make my feet locked in place when doing the swivel technique since my left foot is always gradually moving back every time I use this technique?
- Muhammad Triyogo -

2:13. Well explain but right here you are involving the knee, which is the exact opposite of avoiding damage to your leg.
- Drum 4Fun -

Holy Shit! These lessons does really work! 3 days in practicing for 1 hour per day, and on the 4th day my double bass is rock solid, even at 200bpm.
- Arthur Vin -

Tú canal es uno de los mejores de lo que hay en batería !! Muchas gracias 😊 😍
- ALE MC -

Great that Nietsche joined the program 🤘😎🖒
- Bob Dussel -

I have a problem, when I try to use this swivel technic my foot walking in the board
- Vercingetórix -

Thanks for the video! I always thought the swivel technique made your beater move from the side to side motion, so always frustrated when I couldn’t even use it at normal speeds(I.E. 160-180 bpm) now that I know that it’s more of an endurance measure, I’ll be able to properly practice this technique. Thanks for the video, and keep blasting 🤘
- Ariel Alicea -

AMAZING VIDEO BRO!😈..I love your drumming! AMAZZZING!😈

Cok tesekkurler video icin, Eugene ayagini basili tutuyor onun oyle bir teknigi var, yakinda budapesteye geliyor soracagim nasil yapildigini.
- Okyanus Kara -

genial!!! gracias por subtitulos en español
- Proezas Tiranas -

But it's hard to do a decent swivel technique if you are using a low end / cheap double pedals with single chain drives 😩
- HOT TV -