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Süßes Kind ❤❤
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ما كو واحد يعطيني دور الشاب
بسرية تامة
اذا حب
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قمت بها على كل شيء
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Bruno, a lonely student, travels from Germany to Israel in 1970 in a remote kibbutz to look for his biological father. He has a letter from his late mother in his luggage that he is supposed to hand over to his father. But the Holocaust survivor Avi brusquely rejects Bruno. He doesn't want the young German to bother him and his family with the past. It is only with great persistence that Bruno Avi can break his silence and remember.
In 1942 the young Avi, then Albert, was on the run from the Nazis. When Fritz unsuccessfully tried to escape from the Black Forest to Switzerland via the closely guarded border, he was picked up by the farmer Fritz. The latter hides the Jew against the will of his wife Emma in the barn of the remote courtyard. In return, Albert helps with stable work. The reputation of the farmer in the village suffers from the fact that his marriage has so far remained childless. In desperation, Fritz asks Albert to sleep with his wife and to father a child in his place. Albert feels a duty towards the farmer and therefore agrees after a short hesitation. The farmer's wife doesn't really have a choice either. This leads to the act between Albert and Emma, ??who experiences herself and her sexuality as something completely new and literally blooms. Emma feels an increased sexual desire, and gradually an affection for Albert develops; She initially keeps her pregnancy to herself. Albert is in a bind; on the one hand, he feels pressured by Emma's physicality, on the other hand, he is threatened by the growing jealousy of the farmer. Fritz doesn't miss Emma's change either; he desperately struggles to stay in control. It is only when she can no longer hide it that Emma confesses that she is pregnant. Fritzen's joy lasts only briefly because he quickly realizes that Emma has betrayed him and has known about her pregnancy for some time. Fritz gets mad and wants to chase Albert from the yard, but Emma threatens to tell Fritz that he is not the father of her child. Fritz goes to the tavern full of hate, where the whole regular table is already waiting to toast him with his fatherhood. Emma wants to take the opportunity to sleep with Albert again. However, Albert is afraid and pushes her back. The next morning he will be from the Gestapo picked up. Albert survives the concentration camp Auschwitz and in 1945 stood at the door of the completely frightened peasants. He learns that Emma lost the child after he was arrested. Albert torments the question of who betrayed him. Emma and Fritz deny all guilt but get caught up in contradictions. Then he realizes that both are lying. Just because a violent storm rages outside, it stays overnight. In the middle of the night, Emma sneaks into Albert's room. Albert can't stand their proximity. When she can't be ripped off, he suddenly grabs her and takes her. Nothing is left of the tender lover of yore. He is brutal and ruthless. Emma lets it happen silently. Bruno is conceived that night. When Albert leaves the yard in the morning, walking past Fritz without a word, Fritz takes his own life with his hunting rifle.

Bruno is deeply moved by his story. Avi and Bruno are now reading Emma's letter together. In it, Emma confesses that it was she who showed Albert in her hurt pride. Bruno can hardly believe that his mother, who sacrificed herself for him, has borne such guilt. Avi helps Bruno in his pain. Avi was able to talk about his past for the first time. This helps him find a new way to deal with his trauma. For Bruno, the confrontation with his mother's difficult legacy, in addition to all horror, also has something liberating.
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