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my homie killed himself a few yrs back in the Pierce county jail...he was looking at more time than either of us have ever faced..ima still little mad at him...but miss him more =[
- T'Town Tim -

His songs still same problems exist!!smh#soldier
- Vida Hinchen -

Realest poet ever.... No top 10, top 5. PAC IZ THA GOAT‼️
- Joseph Sykes -

lyrics are all fucking wrong lol wtf kinda idiot made this shit
- Talon Sun EXE -

I love you .
- Peyton Alvabris -

changed on me
- Omarr Koroma -

slay you
- Omarr Koroma -

- Omarr Koroma -

i'll be back
- Omarr Koroma -

live a life of crime
- Omarr Koroma -

Pac died way to young....
- VIO -

- Eisa Al HIJJI -

He still making music
- Tylertherapper O.g -

Tupac ain’t even dead y’all mourning for nothing he got shot before at the studio main entrance and survived so when he came back he knocked out Orlando Anderson and paid Niggas to shoot at the car door and to say he died to escape niggas from shooting him again he grew dreads and almost found out snd starred nsking videos and Tupac stepped and made a video admittihg he’s Tupac until they started exposing him letting his enemies know he’s still here then he went back to lying we know he’s still here y’all late .
- Tylertherapper O.g -

Why pac always be #1 he was an artist and a poet definitely the best ever
- Jesus Rodriguez -

Sorry rip to Tupac Shakur
- Erika Smith -

- epikcyne -

1:09 "no sinning" I wish you could come back, hypocrite. Guess truth is my privilege?
- Nicholas Burton -

Tupac eu não Tou bravo com você
- Rafael Fonseca -

One of the bests
- Jordan Shapiro -