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Lil Nas X performing CARRY ON
- Rap & Hip-Hop Nation -

Love u, miss u
- Caira Lee -

- Dark knight -

Pac aonde estiver esteja em paz
- Dark knight -

Tupac cant be beat period. Hes #1
- Angie Fenn -

Fuck the people how disliked this song
- Michael Escobedo -

Better than those mumble rappers
- North Tejada -

Rest easy king Pac
- fish named goat -

Who’s bumping all his songs in 2020!!!!
- Mood.edits -

I’m a 10 year old and when I reminisce about how the old days was so beautiful but now we have all this violence and things we shouldn’t be doing people don’t get that your killing family and people say Tupac was a bad person he really wasn’t we was tryna show y’all what was really happening and right now today people still don’t get it ...we kill each other because of the kkk and we need to stop if u have a voice use it and stand up for each other don’t just stand there and watch ye I might be young and not know about life but I know what I know I don’t get to see my dad or my mom but I’m not mad at them because it’s not they fault it’s called life ye sometimes I wish I could see them everyday and hug them and tell them I love them they do the best they can and sometimes I cry every night asking the lord to bring my dad home but all I have to say is whatever your going through now just have faith keep praying and someday that pain will go away ...the lord brought everyone here for a reason and I have a dream that my dad came come one night and I woke up happy but I realized that it was a dream and I cried my eyes off I have depression that no one knows about because I’m afraid of what people will think but if u have depression please consider help and don’t be Afraid like me and don’t try to commit suicide or think about it because u can help other people with depression...remember the man upstairs put u here for a reason 🙏🏽😔,lay💖
- laykiwiiforlife xo -

You will become a Muslim Tupac
- Ronaldinho Mehdi -

Thug in peace Pac California God 🌴🌴🌴🌴
- Kim Luckett -

the most beautiful black MAN I seen.. those eyes 2019 still pump this hunny!
- Rona -

This shit crazy I hear these words and feel pain this world is cold
- Gilgamesh Lancer -

Love you man
- Niroj Upreti -

Love you man
- Niroj Upreti -

We're just about the same age. He dropped all of this in his early 20's my college days and then just like that dead right at the end of only 25 man...and his book of poetry "A Rose That Grew From Concrete" has only been put to music as a tribute is some of his greatest writing. The dreamer in me hopes he faked his death and got the hell out why he still had a
- Misprinted Lies -

I 👌🏾🔥💯🤸🏾?♀️
- DHD hddjd -

I love you Tupac yea U so say it all but it's all facts and it truely realates to me in every way k
- Benjamin Squires -

تحس ان الموسيقي تشبه موسيقي عبد الفتاح الثاني
- Zozz hazem -