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Lil Nas X performing CARRY ON
- Rap & Hip-Hop Nation -

Nothing but love r.i.p PAC still listen in 2019 in More years to come
- Edward Seamster -

Why we all scared to step up and be like tupac, Why? Scared to get killed like him. Dying knowing you didnt do anything is worse than dying with honer. Serving god is all we need in this world. You may die, and everything around you will be gone, but if you choose to be a leader, the honer will always stay with you. now if you die doing nothing, you die with nothing. No love, nor honer.
- Johnny Martinez -

11K dislikes? 🙀 you losers go listen to Britney Spears 😤
- Shiny Star -

Pay eli lomas child support brevard county onelove
- kristen Dibble -

We will never have a pac again ima mad i was born before his era
- kevinbentejac -

'Use ta fiend fa ya sista but neva went up in ha"
- Vito Jenkins -

ye love you je hangt in mijn woning love you pactu.
- cor de ridder -

Miss you #Pac4Life
- Tyrese Johnson -

almost 2020 and I will forever blast his music
- Olivia Bruno -

- Braceface Hailey -

Tupac! No one else has even come close.... back when rap music was the best!! Tracks actually had meaning 💯 I was a kid n this is still the music I listen too
- Steph Steiger -

2030 whose listening
- Dumo Moyo -

Anderson conhecido por acerola meu irmão de coração que nosso bom Deus o tenha em um bom lugar e assim quem com ferro fere com ferro será ferido vi duas almas boas se matando e só o inimigo ganhou com isso até quando eu pergunto vai se arrasta esse ódio em nossos nego César esteja com Deus também tanto falei pra vcs dois que aquele ódio todo de um pelo outro não iria dar coisa boa
- Jonathan Ulisses -

- German Martinez -

Every brother ain't a brother
- Luka M -

‘What you think boah?’ The original Arthur
- Mitglied der Pedanios paffenden Patientenbande🌿 -

Thanks for understanding me Pac...Atleast you fore saw that i would need to hear someone say I ain't mad atcha and let me Die Slow and know im fine with how I live my life..#Salute
- Travis Boykin -

Anyone listening in 2020

Firme ass vato
- edgar reyes -