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7 months to learn a drum pattern
- cory leblanc -

He probably doesn't feel it as a poly rhythm he probably pays more attention to the cymbal groove. Like listening to the chord progressions because that's what I do and it's easier.
- A D -

I know what he's talking about I had a guitarist did drum beats on guitar pro4 and I had the same approach. They challenge you and you learn more taking it by the horns.
- A D -

Got a handed to him. I could never listen to some programmed drum bullshit and be expected to repeat it. I would look at my bandmates as if they lost their minds. I would tell them, just play the fucking song and I’ll do my job. This guys got mad discipline
- Bread& Butter -

12:10 reminds me of Jeff Hanneman just doing 0-0-0-0-0-0 before the show
- Hug MeGush -

Thumbs Up for Tomas. Sweden rock
- Roger Larsson -

Such a top bloke. Legend.
- Matthew Strong -

Yup Tomas Haake can do blast beats
- Fadzil KJ Basri -

Yeah its all 4/4

Laughs in polyrythm
- Daniel Emmanuel -

"I go like that for half an hour"... I smiled
- Servaas Dejaegher -

''mmmm...nice...tap those legs babies...''
- Sourav -

I think the only drummer I can think is missing here is Raymond Herrera (FF) ex Fear Factory drummer
- A D -

That intro was cool as shit! As both a musician and an experienced radio operator/telegrapher...i could listen to that all day.
- adam taylor -

I want to see Aaron kitcher talk about his drumming in infant annihilator
- RJ Corbilla -

hummm it feels niice!
- Daniel Carneiro -

I really wish they would play Ivory Tower live, but I'm not sure if it's a song they'll ever play.
- FromTheSky -

Drumming aside. I am so impressed with how well Thomas speaks English, he barely has an accent. Sorry, just something I noticed. Btw, loves me some Meshuggah.
- wraith1117 -

what a gent, and a giant among drummers, someone who with Meshuggah have carved themselves into some unchartered musical territories.
- eyemoeba -

Hands in 4/4 or 3/4, feet in 16th note variations written over the bar line... It's hard but it's not magic.
- Kyle Gast -

He should be able to call the shots cause you can't replace this guy. He's in a different league
- trever davis -