One of the best bgm battle themes there was .. square soft u legend
- favc3 -

Darkness Nova is the other boss music
- Eric Bishop -

You are missing it, you craft your own story, different difficulty levels, a variety of obtainable moves, customizable weapons, and quite the difficult bosses in the late game!
- Eric Bishop -

- heanly1 -

When the music starts...... a little chat with the jewel hunter spawns up her jewel monster and escape...... its bashing time!!!
- hardtogetdaddy -

The only boss that is really challenging in normal mode was tropicallo...He can kill you in one strike if you're stupid. lol
- Watcher17 -

Walk to the end of the caverns and this starts playing... Boss time. *giant axe flies between me and ezreal* Crap!
- 2bitmarksman -

@GaShiaTV @.@
- fugitivodoinferno -

- Donny Mash -

This is originally called The Darkness nova (just a side note) on the other hand great upload.
- ChronoZackz -