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Who's here before this hits 10 mil? Let's be honest it probably won't be for a while
- Josiah Jones -

Play on 1.25 speed
- Piet -

High as frick insane
- AiM__FreakZ -

Currently listening to this while smoking a joint. 10 hour layover in Denver :/
- Smokee Dinero -

수녀탈 쓴사람 보고 오신분?
- 김남빈 -

- dest151 -

This was WAyyyyyyyyyyy to fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
- Adrian Torres -



Kota the Friend

“Colorado” by Kota the Friend




[Verse 1]
Bill collector knocking at the door (Door, door, door)
Baby momma yelling in my ear (Ear, ear, ear)
Honestly a lot is going on (On, on, on)
Only thing is I don't really care (Care, care, care)
People wonder how I keep a smile (Keep a smile)
Tell 'em it's 'cause I don't give a fuck (Give a fuck)
I been in my slippers for a while (For a while)
Even all my haters show me love, yeah
I just wish 'em well though
Hope you gettin' money, hope you doin' well bro
Heard your sister love me, I'm in Colorado
Do not fuckin' at me
I been on vacation 'cause I need it badly
Hotel California my escape
P-P-Pulling in up in Mexico with New York city plates, ayy
Neighbors want a photo when I visit where I stay, ayy
If you talking drama get the fuck up out my face, ayy

Dodging bad vibes like skrt (Skrt)
Drama on my line like skrt (Skrt)
Left it in the past like skrt (Skrt)
Getting to the bag like skrt (Skrt)

Skrt, skrt, skrt
Skrt, skrt, skr-skr
Skrt, skrt, skrt
Skrt, skrt, skrt
Skrt, skrt, skrt

[Verse 2]
People really think my life is perfect (Perfect)
Maybe 'cause I'm laughing through the worst shit (Worst shit)
Yeah I know the Devil is alive but (Alive but)
The way that I been moving got 'em nervous (Nervous)
Mac I hope you know you did your thing (Thing)
Get your rest 'cause homie you deserve it (Deserve it)
Ocean always deeper than it seem (Seem)
And people only looking at the surface (Surface)
P-Paparazzi caught me hopping out my bag, ayy
Hopping in the uber on my way to get the bag, ayy
Used to drink a bottle every day 'cause I was sad, ayy
I hit up my dad like I hope that we could patch things
Woman could not put me in my feelings, nigga fuck that
If she do not want the realest nigga, then she dumb wack
I don't ever trip but I bet that you would love that
I don't ever trip but I bet that you would love that

Dodging bad vibes like skrt
Drama on my line like skrt
Left it in the past like skrt
Getting to the bag like skrt

Skrt skrt skrt
Skrt skrt skr-skr
Skrt skrt skrt
Skrt skrt skrt
Skrt skrt skrt




Produced ByKota the Friend

Written ByKota the Friend

Release DateOctober 19, 2018



1.  Full Bloom

2.  Church

3.  Birdie

4.  Hollywood

5.  Alkaline (Album Version)

6.  Sedona

7.  Chicago Diner

8.  Bagels

9.  Pop's Interlude

10.  Solar Return

11.  Melvin's Interlude

12.  Mommy

13.  Uncle Cal's Interlude

14.  Backyard

15.  Koala

16.  Grandpa's Interlude

17.  For Colored Boys

18.  Good To Be Home

19.  Foto




kRAO  656

a year ago

here before its on spotify <3


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- El Sismo Urbano -

Kota is my favourite rapper right now. Everything he puts out is exactly my taste. Easy, smooth & humble.
- Arrogant Swami -

I keep coming back for the positive vibes that i lack in my day to day. I appreciate Kota very much.
- Brandon Burrow - ㅣ KOTA The Friend Type Beat
- Ice Domino beat -

This dude needs to collab with tobi lou ASAP
- Chilly Bee -

I gave you a thumbs down. Colorado is for mama boys gang bangers who sit in the house all day.

Kota the Friend is my modern day Devin the Dude, thanks for the good vibes and chill raps 🤘🏼
- Jacob Bandy -

im just finding this guy? bruh reminds me of mac. and he produces and directs himself. This man is my new
- Lunah Lunah -

Honestly a lot is going on
- Craig Calvin Logan -

Love the Mac shoutout
- Brett Weber -

how could sbdy hate a guy like that
- Timo -

put speed 1.25x
- Keziku編集 -

Ok first song by him Ive ever heard... im a fan
- Vinyl Guru -