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Eggs aren’t dry, from what I’m hearing here in the comments - the more you know!

Note to self: no more doing voice over late at night.
- Binging with Babish -

Why didn't you just search from a Filipino recipe thingy 😆
- Jessica Barcenas -

Babish: makes ube

My grandma: hah... WEAK

Steven universe: whats ube?

Every filipino: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY
- music hub -

Babish had a problem finding fresh ube
Filipinos: cannot relate...
- Mike Orpilla -

Even though it is already a phillipino dish
- can I get 1000 subscribers in one week -

For sure, this is Filipino hahaha
- Michael Acedo -

Filipino DISH! !!!
It's more fun in the philippines
- ahrvee santos -

You're mistake was using rolling the cake with parchment paper. That traped all the steam from the hot cake and created that weird powered sugar crust. You gotta roll with a single clean lint free tea towel. That way the steam can escape. Also you need a lot less powdered sugar.

Also, I'm not an expert, but generally frozen ube is best used in custards or jams after its been fully thawed. I'm not quite sure how you would incorporate it into cake.
- Christy A -

- Blake Riel -

- justsomekid188 -

That victory laugh sounded disturbingly much like waluigi, plot twist, BingingWithBabish is actually
Waluigi on his off days
- EternallyHungry -

- S0ul Fo0dz -

Looks yummy.
- One Track Mind -

What coloured mixure!?
- __ Thanos __ -

D r y e g g
- Mikhail Keselman -

Sooo Pirple HoHos
- Romello 20 -

I love UBE but idk what steven universe is
- Kaya de Guzman -

Cake trick as someone who makes a lot of rolled cakes. If you get cracks wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. It squishes it back together and you can't tell there were ever any cracks
- lilipad90 -

Me: Hears about how a store lady lied to him.

Later in a galaxy far, far away: the slightest disturbance can be heard from light years away
- Dawson McBruh -

...As a Mexican, that is the cleanest pan I have ever seen in my entire life...
- Trash Can -