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Eggs aren’t dry, from what I’m hearing here in the comments - the more you know!

Note to self: no more doing voice over late at night.
- Binging with Babish -

wait so the purple yam you got was not Ube even tho Ube is purple yam?
- Kamimoons -

i thought it was kinetic sand
- zesty 101 -

Un camote morado xd.
- Addde -

Is no one going to appreciate the fact that the lady sold him a yam
- Light Paint -

"I can't find my half sheet so I'm going to use my toaster oven sheet instead"
Later that day:
"I found my half sheet it was in my toaster"
- Kirk Sibonga -

I seriously thought it was just a dyed swiss roll
- Riced Raccoon -

this is why i dont bake

i hate it i hate it i hate it
- riner9 -

the relief i felt when he got the last roll successfully lmfao
- fufufuaru -

I love that you took the time to get this recipe right! Awesome dedication. It looked killer at the end! Also, purple foods are the best. Thanks!
- Parisarisa -

8:32 that is the sound of success
- Victoria Petrov -

Ube Roll?

If I eat it, would I become a douchebag German director with a knack for terrrible videogame movies and boxing my film critics?
- AT Productions -

There is alot of ube in philliphines
- RedstoneGodLike -

I love This cake
- RedstoneGodLike -

That looks like the purple slime from the live action cat in the hat
- Canned Disappointment -

that will not have a clean plate

edit: called it
its because Ube rolls are like a traditional dessert in my country but i dont like it i actually hated it as a child but now i grew to hate it less
- Johny Corporations -

Nice kraken joke. Was Liam Neeson in a movie that starred the Kraken?
- Brendan Nguyen -

i love Ube Ice cream😋
- eren sevilen -

That thing is beautiful!
- Jacob Mills -

I first thought it was like a twinkie
- Terry Medynski -