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Winona ryders theme
- leo-N8er -

If u ever need some real shit n ur life 2 pocis the way
- Jerome Ace -

Im ready to die right here tonight and muthafuck they life
- Call JG Wentworth 877 Cash Now -

Tupac is and will always be the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. of my generation and this is coming from a white guy❤✌
- Joe Havens -

Who's better 2pac or Spm
- FaZe Ninja8177 -

I showed this song to my Opel now its Lamborghini
- pinknibba -

Memories of good days back on the 90’s
Live the day be happy 🤝
- Saeed Aljunaibi -

4my Mike Tyson
- celownik1000 -

My brother has been making his playlists on my account and we listen to his mumble rap in the car because he’s smaller than me soooo. I’m here to listen to real music
- TRYZ GoStupid -

Iam 16 and I don't listen to all those Lil etcs.
I've Grown up listenin to Nas, Rakim, Craig mag, prodigy and Havoc, Tupac, Biggie, Warren G, Snoop Dawg,Ice cube, 50 cent, Dr.Dre ,Coolio, Nate Dogg,Eminem and etc And yah Still growin up listenin to Kdot, Logic, NF and J cole.

Same with the rock bands dude, I listen to Sum41,Guns and roses, Green day, Nirvana, the beatles, Three day grace, Slipknot, Backstreet boys Aerosmith, Creed, A7X, BFMV, BMTH, Etc

Iam thankful that i grew up listening to All the retros. Guess what? I have a lot of respect dor the people of 90's cuz they're the once who got me Nostalgic while Smokin some stuffs together in a car.

Why am i tellin you all these stuff?

Ambition az a Ridah, Who am i, Regulator,Muthaopukin g, Lose yourself and Shook ones Got me into hip hop.

P.s: This song makes me wanna go to every mumble rappers and mumble rap listener's home and Beat the shit out of em
- HelpmeGain 10kfollowers -

And that xan kid says this is lame smh...
- CloudLetter -

I swear, this guy will live on eternally in music.
- john c -

Fresh and clean
- Daynase Frey -

Rip 2pac😢😢
- Clepped By TøxicZ -

Real ill shit
- Jazz Critic -

What would you say If I told you all that Tupac was paid to stir shit within the hood, he knew things only a person who was put in place to cause that shit would know, he talked about how the government wanted to get blacks in place to mislead other blacks and because he twisted it in a way to make himself look a hero, man's getting praised left right centre now, and as Malcolm X once said if you ain't careful enough the media will have you loving the people doing the oppressing and hating the ones getting oppressed and Tupac was a perfect disguise, he was made to look like he is for his people, and his acting wasn't clicking on to others so others took it upon themselves to end this actor, there's an old saying, 'accuse the other side of that which you are guilty' and all of Tupac fans can atleast admit Tupac was accusing others like a rabid dog
- Niko Bellic -

Cade os br que estao escutando em 2019
- Chrystyan Mozer -

Anyone here for their Nostalgic days of sellin'?
- DMT Infinity -

May the United States introduce our new president 0:00
- Bj Omolori -

tbh i listen to both newer music and old music
- DramaticDoggoTP0SE -