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He looks so chuffed playing with the broken vent,aww he really is cute.I better stop with the comments cz I'm typing shit and coming across as a mad psycho obsessed fan but saying that I've only started to like him in the past hour or so😂😂What I'd do to have a night with him😘😘😘FUCKING GORGEOUS LOOKING GUY!!!!
- Debbie McC -

I have the exact same RAW rolling tray😂😂The more I watch of him,the more I fancy him😄🥰🥰🥰
- Debbie McC -

All of the guys in these comments thinking this dude is tight, As a woman let me tell you that acting like this is as DOUCHEY as it gets. Never has my vagina been more dry after watching this video good GOD.
- Sarah Vyeda -

Jesus Christ this guy is a douche
- Sitkid -

3:41 12fter FULL SEND!
- Kro Syn -

Time wasted
- Joseph Simpson -

U a punk
- Joseph Simpson -

Here's a bucket of LSD
- FabledGames -

MGK is the definition of how a celebrity should act towards their fans, I was literally chilling in Boston and he just came out with his group and just started taking to us about the tour. No yelling at his fans he took the time to actually listen to them
- Fernando Becerra -

What an idot
- aaron rothe -

- Manlio Rodríguez -

4:39 Is that a wings over box haha
- Cameron Harrington -

How cool your insane alcoholics
- Madlib Beats -

This kids gunna burn out fast...
- Camille Anderson -

Roll a 12 footer. Umm buddy that's no 12 feet
- Wyatt Smith -

He said “do you mind closing it” 😂😂😂
- Sofa Squad -

All I see is Tommy now. ROFL
- Johnny Nonny -

MGK is the literal definition of a piece of shit. Lol
- Music Monster -

Bus invaders is like the new mtv cribs lol😂 love yalls show
- Luke Lunsford -

A bus u need a hazmat suite to enter !!
- Angela Netherton -