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Poor guy has alot of ailments..medical marijuana AND prescription xanax?!
- John Anderson -

I was getting some tattoos and I told my partner....omg I'm really jonesing for some mgk
- Susan Hartman -

lmao too adorable
- Susan Hartman -

Junky ass xanax freak
- Joseph Walters -

No wonder young rappers dying.
- Raj Phulphagar -

6:23 I lowkey feel like he was getting a head/handjob right there
- Jason Bonds -

I may do drugs myself but anytime I think kids are around or watching I make sure I dont and always tell em not to because its not cool when u lose it def not proud of it
- Dirt -

truly all that old sex drugs and rock'n'roll thing moved to rap
- zakur0hako -

5:38 hot girls
- Cortez Taylor -

What a fucking dork fr smh
- TimBow Slice 85 -

He said 12 footer 😂😂
- Justin Cartee -

Glad that douche bag glorification is alive and well.
- Xcentric Lithium -

Not a fan
- biker boy -

No talent POS. You dont deserve what you have.
- Kevin Little -

A 12 footer?
- LA Chavez -

This is a Motley Crue bus tour
- Skatrboinotcool -

my gun shene kelly
- J E -

What a clown lol
- Glorygeist -

So cringey with the girls....had to start reading the comments till that part was over lmao ....the rest seemed not fake I'll give him that
- basically me -

😮 a CONDEM!😑im 8
- Perry Love -