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I can smell the Hennessy thru the screen
- Bill Ding the constructor -

Weed by god
- Jay Loyal 21 years old -

- Jay Loyal 21 years old -

Peer adrinalin shrooms I love it
- Jay Loyal 21 years old -

Hell yeah that's fucking wikid fan art
- Jay Loyal 21 years old -

I feel like i could whoop mgk if i could catch him
- justin pigg -

damn 2015 was a good year for his face (and hair)
- catarina F -

Has my personality. The way he slams the candy in the draw lol 😂
- Mars -

I read this guy attempted suicide and survived
- Mars -

- Denise Sayer -

Da thug...wit da 2lady😂🤣gve me a sec🤣
- gg dims -

Coming out of a lifestyle fueled by drugs and isnt no life to live trust me everything leads to another i started out smokin a lil bud then came the pain pills then the nerve pills then coke then meth an then at your lowest comes the herion it all leads to the next big thing yall younger kids be smart im a year sober ive lost more friends than i can count on both hands due to drugs it isnt worth it hopes this helps someone
- Jacob Harp -

- SpeedTracker 95 -

God he's a fucking couch bag.
- Danny Doty -

bro i would be down to just sit on the bus and eat
- TlivingO7 -

Um so he's just simply fucking beautiful. Wow. A work of art, really..
Oh and i didn't even really know who tf this dude was before.. my obsession with pete davidson brought me here.
- Sarah Marie -

He is creepy 😒
- Manju S-h -

Touch the toilette and then touch the fridge and food
- Sebs_scandi_knifes I AM -

Guy is a tool
- Vincent Meyer -

Mark 8:36
- Jay Grae -