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every single producer involved murdered this tape. please follow and support your scene.
this is only the beginning...
- iNFMS -

Nice resident evil 2 touch pefect
- CityNights BLVD -

That Resident Evil Sample go HAAAARRRRRRRDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!
- Thomas Stewart -

1:02:23 Zed from League of Legends Sample lol
- Spikew -

RIP Infamous
- Andrew Kluthe -

I love and live on your mixes on a daily basis. Thanks so much for these. Incomparable, I haven’t found better vibe mixes on YouTube since I discovered your channel. Great work and thanks for all your effort. I love em bro
- Rock Diesel -

2:31 HoOOoOOOOOooOoOOoOooolly smhuckssssssssss!
- Lucas Anjos -

This one's a banger
- Joe V -

duuuuuuude... IT S F R I D A Y
- Psyloom Arkham -

I know the second song is suicide boys but the synthy flute song over it is hella familiar. Anyone know where it's from?
- justin evans -

- Christa Kwon -

1:08:48 sounds like the camping music from FF XV xD
- Édson Moraes -

- Milky Quartz -

45:19 sb knows origin???

That Resident Evil sample tho.
- maddcheddah -

Rue de la bite
lacanau 33680
- W A S T E D -

- Cameron Cherry -

Half of the links don't work. Could you provide bandcamp links for the song at 17:50 and 20:08? I tried looking myself and can't find these song's anywhere! Thanks!
- NumberSixteen BusShelter -

When are we going to get a live show from these producers? Like to get this going!
- xxhummerxx3 -

I would love it if ryan were to make a ghost face and raekwon,Ryan Celsius Sound.
- Jorge Mora -