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Pure satanic filth- an ode to nimrod and his son. If you follow the deciever and serve your own will YOU will die forever and wish you had known.
- Matt Bybee -

Ronnie - greatest lyricist ever
- don -

This is 2000 odyssey in music
- nikos atsaves -

Similar to later dio work. . Amazing heavy metal anthem
- nikos atsaves -

I would like to see Dickenson, dio, Tyler and freddy in one song. To bad we lost 2 legends

Brilliant work. I see where iron maiden got their material
- John Miller -

I just discovered this song.....
😎😎🤟🤟 I have it on repeat until who knows when.
- eddie brock -

I think of ancient Babylon and their astronomy, they improved upon that of the Egyptians. Their astronomy was copied by the Assyrians and Persians and spread by the Phoenicians into the Hellenic world and was copied and used by the Greeks, stolen by the Romans and many aspects of their work is still used today. I Thank God for the ancients
- Clark Harney -

- Marcos Ledesma -

"Im going home and my eyes are bleeding" Goddamn Dio. You rock in heaven now. I hope you have the best band in there. Rest in peace legend!!🤘🏻 (and also say hi to Cliff Burton for me)
- Henri_ -

10 anos sem Dio 🤘🏽😔🤘🏽
- Nero Ribeiro -

I've got goosebumps everytime I listen to this masterpiece.... EVERY FUCKIN' TIME... no joke here guys
- neoudvalgte -

Hearing Ronnie sing Rainbow's "Stargazer", is definitely one of the greatest moment y Metal and Rock music history. Specially the closing section where he goes "My eyes are bleeding"... holly f*ck! No matter how many times I hear it, for how many more years, that still gives me chills all over and makes me fall on my knees crying blood and thank God for lending us Ronnie James Dio and letting me be here on this Earth during the time he spent here. Long live The Voice of Heavy Metal! 🤘🤘🤘
- alfredo chavez -

- marcos andrade da silva -

fuckin epic..bought it as a 16 yr old in 1984,mesmerised
- r.d. laing -

Jeez what a vocal what a song..... this is the kind of song that makes you crash your car !!!!😁
- Jonathan Jenkins -

Great Song! R.J. Dio (RIP) and Ritchie Blackmore
- jj Vanleeuwen -

Ritchie Blackmore's Monument, caution this song may be habit forming
- Chris Manzi -

Au Hasard Balthazar, The Theory of Relativity, The vaccine for Polio, Je t'aime, Take Five and Stargazer all have a single pretty important thing in common, hopefully you don't need to guess as to what it is....
- Gus Marokity -

The classic of all classic, from the drum intro to Ronnies lyrics to Ritchies guitar, probaby the greatest song ever
- Paul Labbett -