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Great Song! R.J. Dio (RIP) and Ritchie Blackmore
- jj Vanleeuwen -

Ritchie Blackmore's Monument, caution this song may be habit forming
- Chris Manzi -

Au Hasard Balthazar, The Theory of Relativity, The vaccine for Polio, Je t'aime, Take Five and Stargazer all have a single pretty important thing in common, hopefully you don't need to guess as to what it is....
- Gus Marokity -

The classic of all classic, from the drum intro to Ronnies lyrics to Ritchies guitar, probaby the greatest song ever
- Paul Labbett -

Rainbow для России.! Мы помним, мы любим, мы отдадим любовь на весь мир!
- Горный Химик -

"My eyes are bleeding"...this is classic Ronnie. We miss you, buddy. You are the God of Metal.
- Filósofo dos Games -

Великий Рони, ты навсегда в моем сердце! Вечная тебе память!
- Вета Горская -

this sounds a bit like DIO
- Brenda Harris -

I see a rainbow rising!!!! Chills every time!!
- Jesse Rothbeind -

I found a book inspired
(based actually) in this song. There is a dreadful wizard that slaves many men
to build a stone tower in the middle of a desert. I’ve just read it, is awesome!
You, guys, should give it a chance too:
- Ademir Feliciano -

I thought I had favorite Rainbow and Sabbath Dio vocals before, but this one just eclipsed them. Who are the 53 nudnicks who gave a thumbsdown to this classic. Imagine if Ronnie James Dio and Grace Slick had done a few songs together. The mind reels.
- Brita Cashman-Tarrant -

Best song ever , period!
- alfred anceloti -

2020 and we ALL still hail RJD 🤘🔥RIP
- madderbob100 -

Ronnie James Dio. Unforgotten.
- Stefan Rogge -

His. Voice is just so strong confident. Even now a days cant find a voice like this.
- Matthew Witulski -

Best rock/metal vocal performance, ever. IMHO. No need to mention how amazing song...
- A Y -

"My eyes are bleeding; my heart is leaving here"
That's going to be my epitaph, someday.
- Jack Vai -

My eyes are bleeding and my heart is leaving here... Mis ojos están sangrando y mi corazón se queda aquí...
- lakaocita -

who can give me back my will,twice
- Ziva David -

6:03 Starting here, I become overwhelmed n almost suffocated. It's so powerful n pushing-forward that there's no time to rest. He was truly genius. Truly a stargazer who was already a star
- 박해원 -