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Loui c k playing Guitar with Michelle epic🤘🏽
- Elliot Collins -

Nice !!!! ❤
- Shahara Zon -

Such a great musician. Something about 'desperately' that just draws me beautifully played and sung..
- Mark Cross -

The day I heard Breathe, I went out immediately looking for the album. Searched everywhere till I found it. That day I felt I had finally gained my freedom in life.
- David Osa -

How come taylor swift can win grammy and she cant? Damn
- Kristofer Ramirez -

I love her. She sings so well live.
- ssilva872 -

i know all the songs! i cant help not sing along. i love u!!!
- Shay Mitch -

who's here at 2018?
- Shay Mitch -

Back when songs were about good singing 😢
- naiomi rosete -

love all song and the best band
- Zuraida Zulkifli -

I love you so much Michelle branch
- cassyrad -

I saw this tour in S.F. and then saw her open a free gig for the Goo Goo Dolls in S.F. but still my favorite is when Vanessa Carlton opened for them in Concord CA! And then wore my Hotel Paper tour shirt to Rush in Concord CA and this one girl was like I love Michelle!
- Larry Rodriquez -

cant believe its 14 yrs ago
- Ed Wu -

Basic pop singer vocals at best ...
- Nose Candie -

She's coming out with a new album in April. Can't wait!
- RoundenBrown -

Are You Happy Now (0:07)
Breathe (3:53)
Desperately (7:38)
Find My Way Back (10:16)
Empty Handed (14:01)
Hotel Paper (18:50)
Til I Get Over You (23:05)
- Jakehammer29 -

And waiting is all that I can do...until you find your way back to me...
- Katalyst80 -

soy mexicano,y por supuesto que aquí en mi tierra se hace buena musica,pero ojala mas de mis compatriotas conocieran y apreciaran musica como la de michelle
- carlos martinez alvarez -

Now this is talent...
- Gareth Keenan -

Omygod she sounds so good live. I cant!! Its just like the audio. She so good.
- Faith -