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Bruh I think YB the best rapper rn
- 50,000 subscribers with no video -

Slatt bic
- Brian Moore -

This make me wanna kill someone 💀
- TT Gang -

Ridin with Youngboy and Quando Rondo
- The Fortnite 6ix9ine blog -

- Killa 500 -

I found a way to trick my friends 👇🏽

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- Rugrat.314 -

We need nle choppa and youngboy song
- lil crazyy -

I got 45. Glock and a knife in this bitch. I got Cutters in the house I got pounds in this bitch I got hoes running in n out slime In this bitch
- NCIS ñøcap -

When exams start and I didint study so my dropout speech is 0:11

1:30 all the way to 1:33 how I fill when I want to punch my sister
- jhaylonthegod smith -

0:11 he's speaking the language of god
- just a random people with good heart -

Youngboy is great
- Demarcus Smith -

I like this song I play on my grandma TV she got a flat screen it play thru the hole house
- ganglist ohya -

like if go hard $$$
- Nikki Taylor -

Why at 0:11 it sounds like he just woke up
- Hunter67 Mora -

That 0:11 part got me scared because I thought this was gonna be some mumbling that you literally can't understand any word.. Thank god it isn't. Keep spreading fire NBA,
- REAPLyrics -

Honestly, who the fuck liked this and where did they come from?
- Aye -

I love how he is making music for aliens...
- Lil scott Everything -

My teacher grabbing my arm 11:00
- Family Account -

Free yb pussy!!!!
- Nard Wright -