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- CryptoJack -

Is this guy british or american highly confused?
- mundhir adam -

its amazing video its very helpful information keep it up
- Trade of Trend -

did not mentioned about low capital. 100 us and below.. so I know, that you wont make much. 0,002 max per each trade ( if you trade with just 12 usd, for example) + transactions fee's so, you are loosing actually.
- pinN -

can you please make this video with Bybit. THAANKS FOR THE VALUE
- Luis Adrian Moran Medina -

I do have a question. Please tell me what is the best and the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange to use to swing trade on a daily basis. I currently use coinbase Pro. Should I stick with it or switch?
- Terry Wethington -

Hello, I watch a few other shows on cryptocurrency and I want to tell you how much I appreciate you staying on task Without the Theatrics, Showmanship, and general bull crap. I have to say that probably most of your viewers are watching your show to make money with information and I appreciate your serious show.
Thank you for all the insight., Terry
- Terry Wethington -

Hey,..... would you please tell us exactly how you trade crypto to make money every day? I am fairly new and have been swing trading most days and have been losing most days. I would like that to stop. I only have about $1,000 invested but it now down to seven hundred. HELP JACK
- Terry Wethington -

I am super happy with the 8btc I received from kloviactools. net
- Steven Beavers -


You can earn some money daily by just answering easy polls, its really easy, go to OneBizopp .C o m . it adds up to around $95 per day.
- Martin Novák -

Some of the numbers here are incorrect, they are correct if a coin costed that, but because a coin costs x amount you actually have to fraction the number that you have into a coin and then get the ratio of that to $50, so for $500 to a coin value of $8000 you are looking at more like a coin price change of $312 to make $50 profit or 3.9% on the coin and 62.4% of $500 a day (the coin price was $8333 closing $9000 at the time of this video)
- Sam Millman -

Oh Also do you have a TradingView username>?
- P DOG -

LOVE YOUR VIDEO JACK! I will be watching all your videos and going to your websites :)
- P DOG -

It is actually possible on lots of exchanges, not just Binance. The exchange doesn't matter, your skills do. Check out BBOD too! ;)
- BTC to200k -

Just a tip for you guys.The more money you're trading with, the less options you have to trade with alt coins. (who are more profitable nowadays but have less volume). You need a coin with Big Volume if you want to trade with more money.
- Davy Cruz -

Lol i started with 100 bucks. Using my debit card to buy eth cost me $14. Had to leave eth in wallet so i got 84 avlb to trade. Binance exchange is massive... lol it feel like a new world.
- Khalil -

I want to see you trading live
- Shahid Vlogs -

hi iwant to earn bit coin earning usd 100usd a day can u help me
- Raju Tolani -

Nice one
- ShapeshiftR9 -