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🔥Bybit Tutorial 👉🏻
- CryptoJack -

Oh Also do you have a TradingView username>?
- P DOG -

LOVE YOUR VIDEO JACK! I will be watching all your videos and going to your websites :)
- P DOG -

It is actually possible on lots of exchanges, not just Binance. The exchange doesn't matter, your skills do. Check out BBOD too! ;)
- BTC to200k -

Just a tip for you guys.The more money you're trading with, the less options you have to trade with alt coins. (who are more profitable nowadays but have less volume). You need a coin with Big Volume if you want to trade with more money.
- Davy Cruz -

Lol i started with 100 bucks. Using my debit card to buy eth cost me $14. Had to leave eth in wallet so i got 84 avlb to trade. Binance exchange is massive... lol it feel like a new world.
- Khalil -

I want to see you trading live
- Shahid Vlogs -

hi iwant to earn bit coin earning usd 100usd a day can u help me
- Raju Tolani -

Nice one
- Duppy King -

So why is NOBODY making a full time income, or even ANY income trading?
- Joe Munny -

it is not easy to do that IN THE BEAR MARKET. They are fu...king the market right now, whenever you buy they are selling. You must use stop loss, if you dont, you will lose money. You can not make money easily with this market, you can do that when we enter the bull market
- Lion Heart -

Hi, I would like to know . . what if you the cryptocurrency I decided to trade turned out to be scam after a week and binance decided to close that currency . . what will happen to the money I invested? Will it be forfeited or it will be credited back in to my account?
- Christeil Nagatron -

Thanks sir....
- Jagmohan Yadav -

question: are you stating you would have to make a trade with the whole $500 or $1000 amount to reach the goal of $1500 a month?? not clear if you are using the full amount or just partial amount.
- Soulful Kreations -

Is this possible to do with a full time job? Sometimes I work 12 hours a day. It's a good job, I just want to have a secondary source of income. I bet I could easily do at least $3000 dollars in trading but, as you may have guessed by my question, I am a beginner and have no Idea wtf I am doing.
- Evalation -

But im have 80 dollars not nearly 100. How to, WHAT TO BUY with this amount? i mean what stocks to look for to trade with this small amount! penny stocks? or Bitcoin/USD ? what to do what to do. HELPE!
- megyn Kelly1 -

If only I have a real life friend like you by my side and trade together daily to make some good income 😔
- AYProduce -

Just mathematics, has nothing to do with trading :(
- Martijn Sebastian Assie -

But the fees is now .50-.75%binance
- Mallu Youngbloods -

Plz Update You Use This triks.....
- Bangladesh -