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Rocking in 2018 anyone??? I am for sure! big tune from a big era from big artists!
- Shiv Shinh -

big up keety roots
- blackliondubsuk -

Revelation 21

<3 this tune <3

For his majesty emperor Lij Tafari makonen  aka king haile selassie
- essie finch -

 pyraimid is communication with the light of all good souls. the generator to recharge the energy*

be vigilant and sober as children of the light. JAH RAH STAR* FAR EYE*

Guidance, all Kings and Queens!!
- Kultur Yardi -

pump it up and dance round your flat in a feeling of freedom not caring what the neighbors think of it like you should....embrace the vibes!
- victor turner -

- asha brown -

Boss tune
- Cecil Green -

Christafari !!!
- Eliyahu Sandoval -

The best !!
- ngoziroots -

pyramids are the devils sign of illuminati
- I dont need your opinion -

big tune, i let this one play all the time and just let the whole tune flow through my back garden ;)
- S K -

@timpa666 what about the sony computer entertainment generated bison or what ever lol
- bongle3 -

- Juan Ovakind -

BIG UP UPLOADER on massive 100th upload
- bongle3 -

- fasimbas -

why do you have a pyramid shape on the video?
- I dont need your opinion -